Heatblur: AJS-37 Viggen



@TheAlmightySnark EPIC ! lol



On a more serious note, I’ve been looking into the max landing weight and I think there is none. If it’s capable to take-off with then it should be able to land with it as well.

I quote:

To withstand the stresses of no-flare landings, Saab made extensive use of titanium in the construction of the Viggen, especially in the fuselage, and incorporated an unusual arrangement for the main landing gear, in which the two wheels on each leg were placed in tandem

The bogey system coupled with the titanium structure to with stand the normal landing stresses that do not involve a flare at all, coming down with 5m/s * 3.6 = about 22km/h crash into whatever surface one is landing on is not insignificant.

Anyway, google yields absolutely no info. Perhaps @Troll can have a look into the declassified manual and see if he can find anything?


Yes - that was my assumption as well, I searched using Google for “max landing weight” and “bring back” and could not scrounge up anything. So you may be right - if it fits, it flies and lands…!

The reason I asked is that I was doing some tests at Mesquite in NTTR and having fun jamming it onto the ground and stopping with 50% fuel. I’m gonna try it with MTOW now…


Echo Bay! Echo Bay! Echo Bay!

Seriously, Echo Bay is a pretty fun place to viggen. That said I’ve only done it with about 30% fuel. Your results may vary.


Echo beach!?


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Reviewing a secret release of dcs F-111? :f111:


OMG, you’re relentless! Enough with this F111 crabs! STOP IT!

Now… @BeachAV8R, about that A-6 Intruder secret release that _ of course_ can be then only thing that’s actually happening…



“Echo Base, I’ve found him!”


F-111 echo


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Maybe set up an exercise room in a back of the Jedi Temple…


Troll has had a look… I couldn’t find anything. Just takeoff weights with different loadouts. I can’t remember landing weight ever being a limiting factor. I have requested help from an ex Viggen pilot colleague.


Cheers, figured as much when looking through how the thing was build. As a tech MLW would be far from my mind when seeing that thing up close.

Besides, titanium on FOD laden roads… yucky, better inspect that!


Look what arrived in the mail today:

Now I just need to find the time to finally play some DCS again.


It looks like a ship from Elite circa 1985 or some sort of cultish symbol that points at your genitals. Either way a win, kicking myself for not buying it with the Viggen. :slight_smile:


Whilst other members of our community have been salivating over the F-14, the latest heatblur update has some really cool stuff about the Viggen:

New Feature: Road Base System
As mentioned previously, we’ve been working hard on the addition of some exciting new features for the Viggen, which will expand its’ capabilities in the game and offer up various new unique gameplay experiences.

Today we’re very proud to announce the upcoming road base system coming to the Viggen!
The Viggen is an aircraft that operated within a very unique doctrine, and we wanted to create an exciting way for you to experience this in our Viggen.

The road base system will allow you to place a group of units in the mission editor that will serve as your re-arm and refuel crew.
Landing your Viggen and taxiing close to these units will allow you to refuel and re-arm your aircraft.

Beyond this, once you have rearmed and refueled your units’ aircraft, you can order the ground crew to a preset backup landing point.
The units will pack up and drive to the set landing point and await your arrival from your second strike run.
Thus, you can keep your road base landing options open and dynamic, and keep the enemy on it’s toes. This feature is still WiP; and we’re working on the GUI that will allow you to pick and select weaponry and ground crew waypoints.

This feature will be featured in our upcoming campaigns for the Viggen.



That is indeed very exciting!


OMG!!! This is ground breaking


Hopefully helo’s can use it to FARP as well!