Heatblur: AJS-37 Viggen



I removed the wind from the mission, and the wobble has disappeared.


Just had to share this vid of a Viggen taking off from the Färila roadbase in my neck of the Swedish woods…

Oh, yeah… Turn down the lights and crank up the sound! :wink:


No doubt who gets the ladies’ attention in the local burger drive in.


Yeeeah… About that…

Färila Roadbase


Here’s a map of the Fält 46 (Field 46) Färila/Föne Roadbase that I found on a “Cold war facilities” FaceBook group.

More pics


These underground facilities are all over Sweden. Pretty interesting really. They are virtually indestructible from the air.


Time to revive a thread from the grave. Leatherneck is once again proving their general studliness and is giving the Viggen some much needed love with optimization, bug fixes, and a revised release candidate manual. Sweet. :sunglasses:

Read all about it:

Other areas of focus have been in implementing some of the most commonly requested and long overdue features: working, realtime reflective mirrors, overhauling night lighting, and introducing the canopy raindrop feature for the Viggen, amongst other things.

  • The full changelog for the past 1-2 patches is as follows:
  • Fixed crashing issue on aircraft re-initialization (respawn, refly)
  • Fixed crashing issue due to ELINT page dump
  • Fixed crashing issue due to Radar texture memory issues
  • Reworked overall Sidewinder seeker behaviour.
  • Increased Rb-74 (AIM-9L) all-aspect capabilities.
  • Fixed RB24J (AIM-9P) to be properly rear-aspect.
  • Added Next Missile selector (FRAMSTEGN IRRB) button to bindable controls.
  • Re-added kneeboard settings page
  • Fixed trim on ground start - now defaults to 3 degrees
  • Added realtime mirror rendering
  • Completed release candidate of flight manual
  • Viggen canopy glass now uses glass shader - compatability with Kegety’s VR mod
  • Viggen canopy glass raindrop effect added
  • Fix to high drag bombs not releasing when waypoint is last before L-Waypoint.
  • Various memory fixes
  • Fix to ‘fälld last’ and TAKT weapon status indication for BK90, RB-04, RB-05, RB-15, RB-24 (&J) and RB75
  • Fixed gunsight hysteresis
  • Rocket sight corrected for shallow dives
  • Fix to horizontal velocity sight calculations
  • Corrected erroneous exterior light intensities
  • Adjusted hubcap metalness & roughness for correct specularity response
  • Reexported all textures with corrected brightness levels for better dds compression
  • Overhauled night lighting
  • Corrected normal tangentspace issues due to UV borders
  • Removed red blotches in cockpit gauge glass reflections
  • Added wheel brake axis binding
  • Fuel not in X-Tank when spawning on Runway fixed
  • Completed first release candidate of final manual
  • Left horizontal panel needles are now properly backlit
  • Added realtime lighting to FLI ball for better visibility
  • Reduced intensity of low altitude warning light
  • Standby ADI is now self illuminated (gauge lighting)
  • Corrected Akku-Stakki livery: right wing now shows correct tac number
  • Significantly improved visual quality of glareshield area in external model

We’re speeding fast towards fall, and our goal is and will remain to make sure the Viggen is complete and out of early access this year.
That means feature complete, stable and held in high regard by all. Thanks for your patience on this journey and we hope you’ll continue to have faith in us as we move towards the completion of the Viggen, Tomcat and all of the exciting things beyond.


Be advised the Viggen will CTD if you respawn into a new one. It’s being addressed.


Technically, it’s not LN anymore. They split up. Heatblur is continuing on the Viggen and Tomcat, and LN on the MiG-21 and Christen Eagle.
I’ll change the thread title.

That said, it’s good to see the Viggen progressing steadily towards release.
Or, as steadily as is possible, anyway. To think that they had two different DCS versions to update, earlier… :slight_smile:

Edit. And come to think of it, Leatherneck is now Magnitude 3, aren’t they? :thinking:


I think I will need to revisit the Viggen again soon. I was initially very enthusiastic about the Viggen but that eventually wore off with the realization that DCS AI is unable to portray the primary operational envelope (low level flight) of the aircraft. AI flight leaders and the player’s AI wingman cannot fly low, nor are they capable of pop-up attacks or laydown deliveries. Hostile AI interceptors cannot be evaded by terrain masking (once the intercept starts, they have magic knowledge of your position). Ships cannot direct defending AI fighters. Unless you fly with human wingman against human opponents, the Viggen just doesn’t work in DCS in its original operational doctrine.*

At least it seems that a lot of the small bugs that have plagued the aircraft since release have been addressed, so I want to check it out again. Is the RB75 sight now working correctly in VR?

(*) Interestingly, the F-111 or Tornado would currently probably fail in DCS too.


I’ve been reading Chucks guide and considering employing the Viggen in a 104th/Blue Flag environment for a bit. Sounds like a fun challenge, although probably not the realism you would want.


I dismissed the Viggen manual since it seemed to me a lot of work was still to be done. Will check it again now.


Totally concur- unless a specific AAA + SAM environment …


So I snagged the Viggen during the 4th of July sale. I’d definitely agree it’s got a few rough edges (the manual in particular), but man is it a blast to fly. Totally different than anything else in DCS currently. I agree that the AI really isn’t setup to deal with it, but even a “training flight” 50m of the ground at 600kts is a blast!


For what it’s worth, I was regretting my decision to purchase the Viggen for some time until I had an afternoon on Blue Flag with @Bogusheadbox and @klarsnow that demonstrated exactly how effective and fun the jet is at rinse-and-repeat quick strikes.


Its one of the fastest planes on the deck. Its a hidden secret of goodness thats often overlooked.

Kind of like that girl who wears sweaters and doesn’t talk much.

It looks difficult and doesn’t seem to have much. But look under the covers and take the time to speak to her and you find its got quite a few tricks and surprises ready to go.

Not many know the viggen can actually map positions of enemy radar installations and tell you what type hey are. Mapping a radar is fun just in itself!!

@klarsnow has shown how to do pop up points and honestly, this thing is a devastating striker.

If taken the time to understand it, its quite an effective machine in the right circumstances.




Also if you think your hot stuff A2G, screaming in at mach .90, 50 AGL per the radar altimeter, followed by a popup attack on a target that you’ve got to hope hasn’t moved, well… It will make you reevaluate how good you are at A2G.


You forgot the “At night, in weather” part.


I see we have a true masochist here…

Tried a night sortie the other night. The fact the bombs left the AC in the correct country was a win.