Heatblur: AJS-37 Viggen



Ok, so I fired the Viggen up again. An incredible user friendly aircraft, especially considered that is was designed in the 1960s.


So that apparently works as well :slight_smile:


It really was ahead of its time.
It was designed to be user friendly for both pilots and mechanics.
It was served by conscript mechanics and we could switch engines in the field. Avionics racks that allowed for easy switching of computers and other electronics.
I’m proud to have served during the Viggen era. :slight_smile:


Nice landing. -5 points for not backing into the parking spot though.


But can it launch?


Nice landing, Mbot! I hope you were using my USN VA skins on that approach. :grin:


Oh why didn’t I think of that?


featuring DCS Cows ! :joy:


That’s some seriously 80’ music!


its a sexy looking plane.


The «15» on the nose of those AJs denotes F15 Wing, from Söderhamn, where I did my military service :slight_smile:
Although, in the movie, they seem to be based at Visby, on the Island of Gotland, in the Baltic. Squadrons took turns manning the alert readiness base there.
Memories… :heart_eyes:


If you still don’t have it, now is your chance to get it on the cheap! $24


Bork jet is good investment, do recommend.


Dangit, and I’m still learning how to fly five others right now…Sigh.

whips out credit card


I’m really tempted, but I promised myself… no more modules until the P47 and the A6 are released.
Once those two are out, I buy those and I’ll never need anything else anymore. :slight_smile:

Narrator voice: except Komemiute knew all too well that was a blatant lie

No I dont.

Narrator voice: yes you do.

Well, maybe.

Narrator voice: sure…


You won’t regret making an exception for the Viggen at that price. We won’t tell anyone :wink: .


Definitely worth $24. I got it another sale, it has some interesting capabilities. Fun to fly.


Dude, you’re not helping! Thank goodness the better half is out of town for another night- I’ll never hear the end of it:

“I haven’t seen you fly this one before… You bought ANOTHER PLANE? Didn’t you just started learning now to fly one a few weeks ago??”


psssh, easy peasy. Buy her the Viggen, so she can fly with you.


Haha your partner is more observant than mine. I’m pretty sure my wife’s excessive eye-rolling when she sees me simming prevents her from seeing the differences between cockpits…