Heatblur: AJS-37 Viggen



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Does anyone have a good resource on the history of the paint jobs that the Viggen wore? I’m trying to figure out where the bare metal birds fit into the timeline year wise.


If there’s anyone, it’s @Troll. You might also go e-stalk RagnarDa on the ED boards.


Yeah, I got info on that. Will look it up in detail.
Basically the first AJ-37’s were bare metal, with a black radome. The splinter came later.

Will get back to you on which year, and so forth, tomorrow,



Swedish rush hour. They certainly are a unique country…


Just imagine being a sovjet counterpart of @Hangar200 and trying to plan a non-nuclear war in scandinavia, knowing that these jets can just disappear and appear again with the speed of sound deploying fleet destroying missiles… ouch.


I understand that the targetting of the RB-04E is based on using a waypoint as a start, and turning that into a targeting point(B3 to M3 for example). What would I do if the waypoint is way off from where the expected ship would be?


The RB-04E is pretty much point and shoot if I’m not mistaken. It’s the RBS-15 that uses waypoints et. al.




Cheers, must be me that is doing something wrong!


If you hit the ship, it is an operational success. If you miss the ship, it is an intel failure. I’ve learned to live with it.


Right, fair enough! yet all the tutorials i’ve seen talk about selecting a waypoint, converting it into a target point, and then you get a crosshair on the radar to target the ships, or am I doing something wrong?


If we are talking the RB 15F, then yes, and, no. On page 329 of the manual it calls point Bx 8 the Assumed Target Point (ATP). Also you may notice that in the example, the jet never goes “feet wet”…just pops out from behind some terrain masking, shoots, and scoots.

The idea behind the RB 15F is that you don’t put radar on the target. The intel guys tell you where the ATP is. Hence my young-in-cheek “intel failure” actually applies.

It is like a long range Harpoon shot. You may never get the target on radar/sonar. However you can give it a pre-planned flight path that turns on the radar at the proper time and searches for the target.

That is why the Data panel TAKT IN commands are so important. From the RB 15F’s final turn, it starts looking for targets and picking out one to hit based on the 80000X code you entered.

It is also why it has a self destruct point, because if the target (or any targets that match the code) are not in the ATP area, you dn’t wan it hitting something it shouldn’t. (I once had an RB 15F hit a building on an island…pretty spectacular but…Oops.)

Hope that helps.


Nop, still the same ol RB-04E:



As others have said, i think you are getting your misiles mixed up. Two ship missiles rb04 and rb15 as @nearblind said above.

Rb04 has the big side fins and is point and shoot. It will home in on first target it sees.

Rb15 doesnt have the super huge side fins. It has longer range and you can do one of two things as far as i can remember from my börk days.

  1. programme waypoints from mission editor. Then fire at leisure at the correct place (you can’t do this inside a game, can only do this when creating a mission)
  2. programme missile on the fly, can be done in game and you can choose a course for the missile to best attack the ship/convoy.
    IIRC THE Bx attack points are as follows in game, counting down

Bx 9 self destruct point if missile does not find target. (is automatically programmed on placing Bx 8)
Bx 8 is your target waypoint (where you place the cross on the radar on you desired target. On setting Bx 8 the following waypoints Bx 9, Bx 7, Bx 6 are automatically placed and can be changed to suit.
Bx 7 is you ingress turn point. You can set bx 7 anywhere you like. This will be the initial waypoint the missile will guide to once off the rail.or away from the ship. so you can guide the missile off target, in a beaming trajectory and then have it turn to target (Bx8) at last minute.
Bx 6 is descent point of missile. This is the point where the missile will descend to hug the waves. you can place Bx 6 after Bx 7 and have the missile descend after ingress point.

For best results (as cruise of missile is similar to cruise of viggen), i found the following. Set one missile then fire, re-programme Bx 7 on the second missile so it turns to target at a different point. That will give the ships defences two separate targets to shoot at instead of two missiles flying the exact same path


I know that, but I am still talking about the RB-04E, both Chuck’s Guide and the youtube tutorial it links too talk about waypoints near the target that you need to convert.

I can’t seem to fire them willy nilly, I do not get the ability to target the RB-04E missiles.



Little bit of confusion there, and i can see why when its written that way.

The waypoints that tutorial mentions are aircraft navigation waypoints to get you pointing in the targets direction. Not waypoints to programme in the missile.

Designating wp3 as a target gives you the attack way point cue on the radar for your situational awaeness only. You want this so you can fire the missile at target within the missiles seeker cone. Setting correct qfe will help the missile not dive into the waves.

So that procedure above is purely viggen navigation and the missile is still point and shoot


Interesting, so I am not delivering targetting cue’s to the missiles radar based on the viggens radar? That’s the impression I got from reading and seeing those tutorials.

My next question would be, is there any recommended way to create the targetting cue’s based on what I see through the scope? say I accidentally stumble upon a target of oppertunity. Just whinging it via the scope doesn’t feel right!