Heatblur: AJS-37 Viggen




Yes, you get targetting cues from your radar and placing the M3 waypoint (it can be any waypoint not just 3, as long as its a target waypoint then you will get a shoot cue). Viggen knows the max range of missile. So placing an m(insert number here) waypoint over target will give you a launch cue on the hud when you are close to release range.


So, curiosity killed my cat and I went looking into the manual and found this:

Use the radar to find the target, make a target fix and aim towards the target. (On
visual aiming, put the flight path vector on the target).

Looks like the tutorials i’ve been using have not mentioned this method!


You should IIRC be able to fire the missile without setting a target waypoint.

[edit] said the same thing twice


To reinforce what has already been written, the RB-04E simply flies straight ahead upon launch and will lock to anything on its path with its onboard radar.There are two ways to aim the missile:

Visually: Simply point your aircraft towards a ship you can see and launch the missile.

By radar: Fly your aircraft to put the target radar return on the line displayed straight ahead on your radar display. Launch the missile when the target radar return is between the min and max range markings that are conveniently included on your radar display.

The purpose of a target waypoint is simply to help you navigate towards the target and let you know when you are in range. It does not interact with the RB-04E and is not necessary either.


I haven’t used a target waypoint. Why? Unlesss your intel is incredibly good, the target(s) will most likely be somewhere else.

The key cue is the min/max range markers. If your “blip” is inside those lines, point at it and pull the trigger.

That said, I thought I put the radar in ATK and put the crosshairs over the blip T1, and locked it (TV). That gave me a range read out (Waypoint range) that helped me establish range. Or am I crazy and thinking of something else?:grimacing:


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop in very quickly and update you on the Viggen. Unfortunately we’re so stressed with the F-14 rollout that we’ve done a very poor job of keeping you in the loop despite ongoing work.

We’re frustrated that we’ve missed our final RC patch projection window for the Viggen, but work continues and we hope to get there soonest. Once we nail down our exact list of new features & corrections for the RC1 patch, we’ll let you know on exactly what we hope to achieve with this major patch.

Some of the items include longstanding additions like the new soundset and in cockpit-pilot, and others focus more on correcting bugs and errors.

Stay tuned for more info ASAP, and thank you for your patience, with a little more breathing room we’ll deliver on the final missing pieces.


Nicholas Dackard




After the radar improvement, I didn’t think you could make the Viggen better! (OK, maybe add an “auto land” feature so I don’t trash as many, to @Troll ‘s chagrin) :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome news!
@Hangar200; go ahead and smash them before we get a restock of updated virtual Viggens!


This sounds very nice. I really love the Viggen and Heatblur did a fantastic job on the aircraft.

Hopefully in the future DCS will also be able to better accommodate the plane. Right now I feel the Viggen is really held back by a lot of issues related to AI and the aircraft’s mission profile (flying low). I think this is probably the aircraft most limited by AI in DCS right now.

I also hope that eventually we will get a proper theater to go along with the aircraft, as it feels pretty out of place for me on the current maps, as well as its natural naval foes. I recently saw some hints about a Ropucha-class landing ship, so at least we should get the Viggen’s primary target. Some suitable escorts for the amphibs would also be nice, as the Baltic usually featured the second-tier Soviet units which I think we are unlikely to get from ED. The Kashin DDG should be the top dog in the Baltic. Some lesser, artillery armed escorts such as the Mirka FF would also be nice. The Osa-class Fast Attack Craft also played a big role in the Baltic. And I think the Viggen would profit from some more unique targets such as Soviet assault hovercraft (Aist-class) or intelligence trawlers (which you first have to find among regular trawlers).

This aircraft really has a lot of potential, but for someone like me that places a lot of emphasis on historical authentic, it has kind of limited use right now.


Have to agree, it’s a blast to fly on your own, but the AI usage of it and the maps limit overall utility. Great module hampered by lack of surrounding content that hopefully will be corrected in the future.

It’s still fun to truck around with the HE bomb racks though and make low level attack runs. Even more satisfying to do that and then take out Flankers with shoddy RB24J.

Also hope the kneeboard bug gets fixed soon.


Well, considering that the Viggen never fired a single shot in anger, authentic scenarios would be peacetime/cold war intercepts of Russian bombers, fighters and ships.

I embrace historical plausability.
Sweden has participated in international campaigns with its Airforce deploying to Congo and the Mediterranean.
Only the J-29 and the JAS-39 got to see action, but it isn’t unthinkable that we could have deployed the Viggen to Lebanon or Cyprus, where we participated in UN Peacekeeping missions. Viggen were part of SWAFRAP (Swedish Air Force Rapid Reaction Force), in the 90’s, and could have been deployed in support of the European efforts in the Balkans, for instance.


I don’t know…“most limited”? Maybe. Certainly from a “never flew there” perspective. Still the FA-18 and soon F-14 never saw the inside of the Black Sea since their carrier wasn’t allowed in - Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits.

That had a real impact on what the US was able to do in 2008 - Russia Georgia conflict. I was running EUCOM’s intel production at the time and was hip deep in its implications…interesting days. So any carrier off Georgia scenario is blatantly unrealistic. That limits USN carrier ops to the PG map…unless you can out a carrier on Lake Meade :open_mouth:

Anyway, I too would really like to see a Baltic map…heck I’d just like to see another map. Another thread got me thinking about what can be done with FSX/P3D, TACPACK and [email protected] The good aircraft are limited but you have the whole world to work with.

I guess it takes a whole lot of work to produce a DCS map… a PG map without Kharg Island? I see that they are slowly moving north but…the entire island is missing. Feels very unfinished and significantly limits the missions / campaigns for the map.

All of @MBot 's mentioned ships would be awesome. You would also need a couple more NATO and Swedish units to round things out.

…and maybe add a Soviet Whisky SS that we could stick run aground on the Swedish coast! :grinning:


Yeah, cold almost became burning hot, that time… Certainly an interesting scenario…for a sim! :wink:


The “most limited” comment was strictly related to AI and not scenario. As of AI cannot fly low, AI cannot do pop-up attack profiles, AI cannot do loft attack profiles, AI cannot do laydown attack profiles, AI cannot jink AAA etc. The Viggen’s principal mission profiles cannot be flown by your AI wingmen or other AI flights in larger strike packages. Of course the aircraft can also be flown at medium altitude with fighter and SEAD escorts, for which the DCS AI is much better suited, but that is not the kind of experience I am looking for with the Viggen.

Some may say that this is no problem in multiplayer. But while I enjoy flying COOP in multiplayer on a regular basis (not the Viggen though), COOP is still highly dependent on AI to fill out the world around the 2-4 people which we usually get together.


I worked for a guy who had happened to have been the US Naval Attache to Sweden at the time. His story: He was making a courtesy call on the Commander of Swede’s fleet that had responsibility for that area (South or Southern Fleet?). As they are chatting in the Admiral’s office, the Admiral gets a phone call (a bit unusual; meetings like that are typically “hold my calls”). My boss said that the Admiral’s entire face went beet red with anger… he hung up the phone and abruptly, but politely, ended the meeting.

BTW, that guy that I worked for later became the first American since Francis Gary Powers to be convicted of espionage in Russia. He was an interesting guy.


Some years ago, I put together this overview of the Baltic Fleet units to see what the Viggen would have been up against:

All data taken from www.ww2.dk


OK - my bad. Yes I agree 100%. I do mostly SP. I have lost count of every Viggen AI wingman that went into the side of a hill…(don’t tell @Troll…he isn’t happy about all the Viggens I’ve personally crashed) :open_mouth:

Also…just trying to get my wingman to launch that glider cluster dispenser correctly took me all day with the ME…the AI didn’t seem to get that the whole concept of “stand off” weapon is not to launch and then follow it into the AAA umbrella …frustrating.

A good list! I might skip the Sverdlov-class LOL that things was way old when I was an Ensign.

I’m glad DCS has the Tarantula-Class. If the did add Osa’s it would also open up a few other countries. I actually had an “encounter” with a Croatian Shershen PT (same hull as an Osa) in the winter of 1992-93. We were in the Adriatic off the Dalmatian coast - a foggy day and this things zips out from one of the little islands - didn’t see him on radar until the last minute - he came barreling out of the fog probably at 30 knots, then about a mile out, turned parallel to us for a minute or so before he went back into the fog. Those engines are really loud!


All this talk about the Viggen led me to take her for a short ride again. What a lovely aircraft.

Launching Mavericks always looks weird in DCS though…


How in the heck did you target that Maverick so fast??? I have to put the sim into pause and it still takes me 5 minutes!


OK…this thread has prompted me to take the Viggen out for a spin today - I went back to the DCS World stable update from December…anybody know what this means?

  • New feature: cartridge from putting marks on F10 map (named B1-B9, M1-M9, BX1-BX9, R1-R9, MR1-MR9 = recon-target, or S1-S9) and selectable in kneepad. Also you can just have a marker named “ATTACK” and a quick attack flightplan will be generated.

I’m confused. I thought that it meant that by adding “NAVIGATION TARGET POINTS” in the ME they would show up in the Mission F10 map…what am I missing?

And what does “selectable in kneepad” mean?