Heatblur Dev update


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Someday, we may look back on this thread and well, ya know…it has to start somewhere.


Troll’s hype-train … all aboard :train:


I would love whipping SHB’s in a COD on busy multiplayers to establish dominance over the Hornet babies.


I just noticed this in the recent changelog for the Tomcat:

  • NEW: Added ability to switch between pilot and RIO seat in Multiplayer.


I tried it, but no joy. Then I read this:

Heatblur Tomcat PSA at the ED forums

So we’ll see it in the next patch. This plus VAICOM Jester/Iceman AI voice… game changer for multiplayer. Hopefully this sets precedence for current and future multicrew modules.


Is anyone else having trouble getting the Tomcat off the SuperCarrier at Night?
The deck crew hooked me up but when it’s time for my shot …nothing…this even after my salute.

Happened to me just yesterday. Tried everything (power up, down, U, Shift+U, Radio commands) but nothing worked.

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Have they updated the code to look for your lights coming on instead of a salute at night?


Is there some other command we need to do with lights? to take place of the salute?I seem to remember some discussion about this,but can’t find any more info on forums.
edit sorry boomerrang just saw your comment…which lights? do you know?

In the fleet, turning on the exterior lights (via the master switch on the throttle) is the signal of being ready to launch.


Thank You.I mapped exterior lights on my throttle and turned them on at time of salute and got my launch. :+1:


Hey guys:


:+1: :grinning: :+1:Finally!!!

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I’m interested to see how that old-style RWR is in DCS. I’ve used it in other sims, of course, but this will be much deeper interpretation of it.


the initial F-14A without TCS only the ALQ Chinpod for the IRIAF.

note he said IRIAF and not IIAF.


I wonder if they’re waiting for a Major Announcement to Drop Before Releasing this episode??? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

This from a recent Iron Mike FB Post




A recap, perhaps?

Posted by rep3t3 on Hoggit

TLDR (sorry if there are mistakes)


2 Free F-14 campaigns in the works. 1 is the continuing campaign already released. Other campaign is A version on forrestal. First one will release "quite soon"

Early-A late summer/early fall release then Iranian F-14 release at end of early access release. Same RWR as f-4

Tarps pod (?) close to coming out

large ovehall on hydraulics and other systems planned

"Supercarrier" Forrestal version is something they are looking into there is a "strong will" to do so

radio menu to remove refueling probe door on ground

Jester has "grand plans" to make him "wise". No female jester planned

Iceman clearly needs an overhall, Long term goal is to make a pilot AI that can land, takeoff start to finish. Not a promise but a goal

Over 100k manhours to build tomcat


"Heavy push" next few patches to get viggen out of early access

Full overhall of textures for lighting changes

Damage model needs to be updated

new liveryys

substantial visual overhall in the works


missing documentation on various blocks cant pick an exact version to build.

"Frankenstein Eurofighter" (their words not mine) of versions

EA release will be A2A only and "barebones"

New music album in the works

F-4 Phantom

New music album in works

Jester 2.0 viewed as long term tech for f-4 and A-6

Early Access variant and the other is the DMAS variant (Digital Modular Avionics System) out of early access

wont be in EA as long as tomcat

F4E (air force variant) first then Navy variant

early tpods in works (1 for ea one for release) cant track early days of targeting pod were challenging

wild weasel variant not planned (sorry SEAD/DEAD folks)

Campaigns will be built for it


Heatblur thought about making a tornado but decided against it

AI Draken coming nothing else planned Swedish at the moment

A6 has a lot of "unique" components making it tough to build art is basically complete, expect AI model released by early next year 2023

No plans to make a full fidelity SU-27s

South East Asia Map was something they looked into but no plans at the moment but they want it too

no helicopters planned at the moment