Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



For those of you who have not seen it:


And many more in the post.



Ooh, sexy. Aren’t those the spoilers for the Direct Lift Control system?


Oh man this looks fantastic! I’m eagerly awaiting part II. I want to see something about the Viggen and Corsair.



I love seeing this level of detail not only in the model, but being shown off as their progress.

They get me.

They really, really get me.


From Leatherneck’s Facebook page:

First multiplayer testing session - Complete!


Oh this looks awesome!


I’ll be in my bunk.



Off the LNS YouFace page


This and more in this thread

There has also been hinting the Viggen might be complete soon.


The F4U Corsair has been put on hold as the team works to complete the Viggen. Leatherneck hopes to show the Pacific theatre map during the summer, and still complete the Corsair this year.





Looks like they’re both flying into an area of increased risk. A zone of danger, if you will.


I’d say that MiG certainly is, attempting a negative G pushover like that


And how would you phrase that?


on a flight path… a highway if you will.


A zona peligrosa?




Other pic of the Leatherneck F-14