Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update

I think we all know what we want it to be:

…but it’s totally going to be an A-6.


…and then, totally out of the leftfield it happens to be a hellduck (Su-34)

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DCS: Platypus - Tactical Toiletry Operations


Or an AT-6… You never know with ED these days… The little biplane thing just BLEW MY MIND. I was like WTBLEEEP? These days, I don’t put nothing past DCS. SR-71?

I actually physically saw @nicholas.dackard’s eyebrow raise when he was in town last year taking photos of the F-14 when he saw the A-6 they also have there. And if he needs to come back and photograph it, he is welcome to stay at my house while he is doing so…! :a6:


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Not saying that you might be watching his face too much when you are around him, but you are! :wink: I highly suggest you revisit the Mudspike - Stalking developers 101 course for this info! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was torn between Nicholas and the Tomcat.


For anyone interested, Heatblur has posted a video with more Jester AI … stuff.


ED Forums link here;

Dear All,

For quite some time now; we’ve been working hard on making JESTER AI a reality. One of the biggest parts of this undertaking is for us to build a comprehensive and realistic voice library, and for the past year, we’ve had a dedicated team at Heatblur doing just that, in the form of Grayson Frohberg (RIO Voice) and Aleksander Studen-Kirchner (Director).

In order to ensure the most natural performance and realism; we decided to approach our recording process in a unique way. By placing the director (Aleksander) into the pilot cockpit and Grayson into the RIO position, and subsequently placing the duo into appropriate combat or non-combat scenarios, we are able to more naturally record voice lines as opposed to dry reading in the studio. Virtual reality helps make the strain of head movement and confusion have a subtle yet important impact on the delivery of certain lines, while natural pauses and hesitation become more apparent and serve as good reference on the engineering side.

Today, we’re reaching the first of our milestones on the recording and creation process of our voice library. Much effort is being made to ensure that JESTER’s speech sounds natural, and much of our current focus lies with refining existing functionality and adding lots of variations to currently implemented calls. For this, our process focuses on plenty of repetition and repeating the same statement multiple times at a time, and then extracting the lines that we feel will fit well.

While we work on unveiling the “new”, non-chromecat-branch F-14 - enjoy this behind the scenes look at the recording process for JESTER AI recorded over the past year!


I think we are going to hear that ‘How did we live through that one!’ call at some point in our flying careers.

@near_blind you ok? This does’nt look like vaporware at all…

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Sorry, was playing footsy with federal investigators



smells close. My left nut says weeks, not months.

I sincerely hope. Still haven’t seen the actual model for it yet. That said.

Hey @Tankerwade, remember when it was pointed out no one had seen the radar functioning in game to the point of missile launch?

We’ve seen the radar functioning in game to the point of missile launch :smiley:

Well, technically 75 weeks is weeks, not months. Sure, maybe it’s easier to think of in terms of months or years, but weeks is a perfectly reasonable measure as well.

Just sayin.

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Really hoping for summer/fall here. Its amazing!

I am excited for you to have your best Christmas ever.




As long as Jester throws in the occasional colorful adjective from time to time for the sake of authenticity, I’ll be happy. The simpler things in life…

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This module is going to be a lot of fun, without the Jester. I’m looking forward to riding backseat in multiplayer. “FOX 69 ENGAGED!!”

Mirrors looking mighty viggenish though.

Oooh, you’re right about that. I’m hoping we’ll maybe get Family - friendly/ sailor - friendly as an option on the menu.