Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update

Sorry, was playing footsy with federal investigators



smells close. My left nut says weeks, not months.

I sincerely hope. Still haven’t seen the actual model for it yet. That said.

Hey @Tankerwade, remember when it was pointed out no one had seen the radar functioning in game to the point of missile launch?

We’ve seen the radar functioning in game to the point of missile launch :smiley:

Well, technically 75 weeks is weeks, not months. Sure, maybe it’s easier to think of in terms of months or years, but weeks is a perfectly reasonable measure as well.

Just sayin.

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Really hoping for summer/fall here. Its amazing!

I am excited for you to have your best Christmas ever.




As long as Jester throws in the occasional colorful adjective from time to time for the sake of authenticity, I’ll be happy. The simpler things in life…

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This module is going to be a lot of fun, without the Jester. I’m looking forward to riding backseat in multiplayer. “FOX 69 ENGAGED!!”

Mirrors looking mighty viggenish though.

Oooh, you’re right about that. I’m hoping we’ll maybe get Family - friendly/ sailor - friendly as an option on the menu.


Hopefully it will be out just in time for summer leave.

I am really excited how seriously Heatblur is approaching the AI RIO. This proprietary technology will give them a huge head start to cater two-seaters in DCS in the future. I am wondering how Belsimtek will handle this problem for their F-4E, Mi-24P and AH-1S, and skeptical about RAZBAM and the F-15E. RAZBAM especially seems to be reluctant to develop any new technology on their own and I wonder if Belsimtek/ED will share their AI WSO as baseline DCS technology. I suspect they might not.

AI crews in multi-crew aircraft will be of immense importance. The lack of such is actually one of the primary reasons why I consider the Gazelle a failure, even though I really like light anti-tank helicopters in principal. Enabling auto-hover, switching seats and burying your head into the targeting sight might work at the range, but in combat it is a receipt to be shot in the face. Multiplayer is a nice pastime, but ultimately a module needs to work without it being depended in the play-schedule of other people.

So I am really glad that Heatblur is taking the extra mile with the Tomcat. It really seems as if this will become a signature module for DCS.


Um…am I the only one to notice that JESTER was actually a pilot (portrayed by Michael Ironside in what many, myself included, was the performance of his career), not a RIO…just say’n.:sunglasses:

Having been the intel officer in a Tomcat squadron I’m afraid that IMHO/IMPO the voice acting shown on the Heatblur clip, while certainly enthusiastic and professionally done, is not very authentic…at least yet.

My 2 cents:
The RIO (in the lead jet) runs the intercept until the merge. He is trying “solve” a 3-dmensional problem for which he only has a 2-dimesional scope. There is a lot going on in his head. In training the voices I heard were mostly flat, crisped clipped. In actual combat the “emotion” is more intensity than anything else. I was the squadron intel officer for the aircrew that shot down the Libyan Mig-23s in 1989 and knew all 4 aircrew well…I recognize each voice–the RIO/Pilot in the lead jet and the wingman pilot. (The voice at the beginning calling range/bearing is the ship’s CIC)

You be the judge.

Finally, these guys knew that they had just killed two people. True, it was what they were trained to do and true, its was an either “them or us” station. I’m not saying they lost any sleep over it–they did not. However, the “kill” call is more of a relief than a celebratory event.


That called my attention as well. Arcady-like celebration of kills might be a good way to up the tone of the game, but spoil the realism and the gravitas. There was a long debate about BF1’s idea of violence and war portraying, and how ultimately it being a game, it could not offer a fair critique of the brutal WW1 because it’s game elements meant it’s violence would always be turned into spectacle no matter how ultraviolent and dark the game was…

That said, thinking about the multiplayer environments and radio chatter, making Jester more game like and less realistic could mean a better merger of jester comms and real peer to peer coms, so that might work out as an artistic choice inside the game.

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True…I hadn’t thought of that. After all, at the end of the day, we purchase and “play” these combat sims to have some fun. Sure, their is the satisfaction of mastering a complicated weapons systems while trying to fly and equally complicated jet (oh why, oh why did I purchase the Mig-21bis?). However, knowing that that fireball really wasn’t a person’s life going up in flames–that they will be re-spawning in a few moments–does take much of the edge out of it.

Great point. I hope that Heatblur can find a good “serious but fun-exciting” middle ground.

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Something often lost in simulating combat is the personality of the individuals involved. Some guys would be cool as ice, others amped to the max. I’m good if JESTER is very excitable and enthusiastic, or if hes just out for another day in the office. Its wholly believable to me. And if you don’t think that some might be celebratory and braggadocios about killing the enemy, you are mistaken. Sure, some people would be contrite and take in the gravity of the situation, but not everyone. Dave Grossman wrote a good book “On Killing” and a follow up “On Combat”. Really great read and an honest look at the psychology and physiology of killing in war.

For all the documentation out there, in my experience, there is nothing textbook about combat.


Completely agree.

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Never said that there wasn’t. However it has been my experience that the vast majority–if not all–of the naval aviators I knew in my career were not.

Regardless, what I heard in the Heatblur video was “a guy playing a game”, not a guy trying to simulate RIO “chatter” during an internet and engagement.

…and seriously, the RIO calling out a bogey at 2 o’clock high? If my pilot didn’t already have a tally on that guy, I’m looking for a new pilot…just say’n

I’m no zipper suited sky god. However whenever I’m puttin around in the -172. I always ask passengers to call out aircraft they see, if I havnt already acknowledged it. So many things can draw in your attention in a cockpit. I’m sure it’s ten fold in a tactical environment. We are all in it together.


Of corse you are right, it is and they are.

The Heatblur video seemed to be a 1v1 fight (which really doesn’t happen in the real world) so he was calling the bandit that (hopefully) the pilot was already engaging.

Pilots & RIOs are teamed up during months of work ups and normally fly with each other through the deployment. So they work out what they want to hear from each other, not just in an engagement but during launch, traps (especially at night) and of course the NATOPS bold face spells out what each does during emergencies.

That teamwork may be hard to capture in Heatblur’s F-14 although not impossible. A2A has a Piper Cub where you can set the “chattiness” of your passenger…maybe something like that wold work.