Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



00:49 Of the Video.


I may need new glasses… :nerd_face:


That’s what you get from living in a place where the sun doesn’t shine for half of the year!
Your eyes go bad!
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I’m NOT old…
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Sparks from my first carrier landing in the Tomcat - definitely a no-grade 1-wire…


Meh, the bird is still in one piece and not kablooey on the deck. LSO can ■■■■■ all he wants, but there’s no getting around the fact you caught a wire and they can reuse the jet, too!


You doing a preview for the mag @BeachAV8R? Not jealous at all, no sir, not us.



Yeah…it will be for the magazine. It’s always nice to be able to show some combat sim love in a largely civilian sim sphere.

Some quick impressions though. The cockpit texturing is just on some insane level. The fingerprints and smudges on the VDI are amazing. Flecks of paint missing and the general wear on the panel are superb. The Heatblur artists are…well…artists…

Flight model is fun and challenging just in the little bit I’ve explored (under 30 minutes). I haven’t actually watched all the other videos yet by the great You Tube content creators because I was working on some other projects last week that really sucked up a ton of my time, so I don’t know what all has been discussed yet out there. I can tell you that at low speeds in the approach and landing configuration the plane requires constant attention and if you get sloppy or aggressive with the ailerons you can find yourself in a roll PIO that you have to be careful to squash early. I’ll be curious to see if that changes with clean wings versus having stuff hanging out there. Lots to explore obviously and I don’t have a ton of time to do it.

I have a time limited key, but I bought two copies of the F-14 anyway…these guys are making stuff that is worthy of the investment. I was surprised to see it ships with a ton of quick missions for all of the theaters already - that is a really nice feature. By my count, 27 Instant Action missions over the span of the four maps that include cold starts, free flight, refueling, different CASE recoveries, BFM, ground attack missions, scrambles. I’ve only tried the CASE I recovery and one free flight. Going to dive into the cold and dark stuff and try to get familiar with things first. Drink from the firehose and watch other module information get pushed out of the other side of my brain. Limited SSD space in my head these days. Just gotta make sure Citation and King Air stuff is stored on a discrete drive in my brain…haha…


Sounds like I need to get a move on for the kneeboard procedures on the Turkey. Wanted to do a quick and simple file set for that since I haven’t seen any out there thus far. Someone link me if it’s already been done!


Are there many actual training missions
@BeachAV8R? Or is it all actual instant action missions?


The last audited circulation of PC Pilot was 10,948 readers for the year. Mudspike got 202,679 page views in December alone, and over 2 million for 2018. You should pitch @nicholas.dackard so we get an in-depth review here preview (bit early for review). Compared to some youtube channels we are bigger and get reread a lot more. :wink:




No padding the visitor count with Chinese bots, that ain’t right.


I’ll see what I can work out. I’d love to have Mudspike cover it - it just isn’t something I can do. :salute:


There is only one mission under the Training tab…a cold and dark start that takes awhile. You are very much all over the cockpit with this thing if you are truly going through the exhaustive preflight systems tests. The interaction with “Jester” is fun, and he does some of the work for you either automatically, or on command. He sits back there and does the INS alignment, which takes around 8 minutes I think it was. Keep in mind this is an early build and not all of what I say might be the case in the final product, and nothing I’ve said is researched, so take it all with a grain of salt.


Hey @Chuck_Owl - wanna write a preview article for the Tomcat, @BeachAV8R is going to try to get a press key for us? :slight_smile:

We could let all of your posts go through, and probably double our counts. :wink:


@fearlessfrog If it’s before the 25th of january, sure! After that I’m being sent to Spain for work until late february.



Cool, I’ll do everything I can to facilitate the article site side. @BeachAV8R and @nicholas.dackard lets do this, a preview article would be fun! :slight_smile: