Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



I have a message in to Nicholas now and we’ll see what he says… :slight_smile:


@nicholas.dackard is onboard with this idea. @Chuck_Owl can you forward me your e-mail address you’d like to be contacted at via PM?

Glad Mudspike will get a good preview and I know Chuck is the perfect guy to wring it out.



WOW this gonna be awesome well done guys!


Major accomplishment of the night…refueling. I found that scrunching down in the cockpit down and to the left really helps because the canopy bow blocks a lot of your view of the tanker. Once I moved down and left a bit, I had a much better view of the KC-130 and could position-keep better once on the hose.

By the way - how long has tanker wake been in the game? Guess what…you can compressor stall behind the tanker. Thank goodness that aren’t TF30s, they come right back online…

Alright. I’ll try to go silent while I work on what I need to work on. I’m looking forward to @Chuck_Owl’s preview! I know I’ll learn a lot…


Shoot, that’s easier than the Harrier.


Much easier. I struggle with the Harrier with that over the shoulder glance. This is way easier in my opinion.


I believe it will be easier to get gas from a KC-135 if we ever see the wingpod version (I heard that’s what they’re planning to add). KC-10 would be ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Though with all aerial refueling, the trick seems to be more in flying for the aircraft and not with the basket/probe.


You’re the first of us mortals to expierence it. The F-14 is the first jet that has this included. There’s also wake coming from other assets, such as other planes. Even your own missiles produce wake and it will influence your jet when you fly through it!


I’m SO glad you said that. You have no idea how happy that short statement made me lol


Most definitely. That was something I learned from @EinsteinEP - focus on the aircraft points that keep you in position and you will naturally find your way to the drogue.


Ah, OK…I thought I had missed something in a previous update and I was just experiencing it for the first time. It is a nice effect. You are fine if you are low and on the basket from the tanker, but if you drift up and behind it…you have some stick activity that needs to be countered.


@near_blind your silence is starting to worry me… Are you OK


I think he said he was going to take a little break as the F-14 hype built up and youtubers got to flying the jet.



Yep I remember now you mention it. I’m almost more excited to hear his view on it than fly it myself!


I’d guess there is no better authority on it. He loves that machine.


I love that machine @BeachAV8R. he LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS it. Like a connoisseur. I’m itching to hear his opinion


I am sure he will once he had the oppertunity to fly it. Maybe the staff here can make it so that he will be Chuck’s RIO? I’d love if the mudspike preview included a view on the multicrew action


PS - @nicholas.dackard has already seen that screen I posted and has noticed a bug in the canopy seam…LOL…that poor guy has laser like eyes. I just robbed him of another couple hours of sleep, he says he’s fixing it. Shout out to the entire Heatblur team. They have been so friendly and accommodating and helpful. True professionals and I was lucky to get to meet them when they came through town. I’m hoping they come back to take a look at a certain A-6 that is in the area…(after they get some sleep someday)…