Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Near blind should be included on the tomcat preview. He is the Official Mudspike Tomcat Professional.


Yo, I’m touched by your concern. Truly.

Without taking anything too far off topic, I got an early head start on my new years resolution and quit my job after the last 24 months of misery. For the last three weeks I’ve been jumping through the administrative hoops of leaving my job, going through the processes of negotiating with various services I’d received discounts on via said job, abusing utilizing the last of my health insurance before it’s cut off, interviewing at a new place that has fallen into my lap, and considering where I want to go and what I want to do with my career should that fall through. Toss in working through the fall out of some unrelated silly social drama, and my life is essentially in an advanced state of triage at the moment. If @BeachAV8R has any extra press copies laying around, that would be a welcome distraction :smiley:

I’ve watched Jabbers and Magz videos. Taken as a couplet I think they did a good job explaining the strengths, concerns and quirks of the aircraft’s flight regime. I’ve got… thoughts about existing comments on the weapons systems, but none of them are worth sharing until the RIO seat is fleshed out in greater detail.

Needless to say I’m blown away, if not actually surprised, by the quality of Heatblur’s work and looking forward to hooning around in it whenever that may occur.

Continue with your regularly scheduled gawking.


Glad your OK dude! Best wishes and good luck on your next adventures.

I’m very pleased with your thoughts. Can’t wait to get my hands on it either!

Thanks for replying :+1::+1:


Firstly, thanks for letting us know you’re OK!

As someone who did the same almost two years ago now, good luck! It sucks to be stuck not only in a bad job, but with people who make the job suck as much as it does. It’s never easy, but in the long run it’s better for your future and health. If you can, take a breather for a few months.


Best of luck with everything in the near future, NB!


Not to rain on your parade, but wouldn’t you have to group all site hits in 2018 by users, then count the individual users? Unless i’m misunderstanding what metric PC Pilot uses, that would seem like the fair comparison.


Its a good argument to get a mudspike copy for preview who cares how erroneous :joy:


I’m sure that there’s still enough of a good argument. :wink:


So wake turbulence is modeled on the receiving end, not the creating end? So an A-10 and Tomcat can sit in the same position behind the tanker and only the Tomcat has to deal with it?

I guess it has to be that way, but it really seems backwards.


I hope this tech will trickle back into the core of DCS and that all modules will have it.


Not that we have any large helos capable of IFR in DCS, but can you imagine flying a Blackhawk or 53 with that?

Reminds me of that video of the helo self-circumcising. :smiley:

Oh yeah, here it is:


Holy Moly that looks amazing. Have you tried her in VR yet?

This might might be the airplane that drags me into multiplayer…

New PC - Ordered
Upgraded Internet - Accomplished and functioning
DCS F14 pre-purchased - Check

Yes, I think I’m ready. :sunglasses:


I wonder if the Tomcat also reacts to thermals of clouds…


@BeachAV8R what is the performance of the module vs f18 FPS wise? Wonder if the old 1070 will still be enough.


Same question here.


I have an r290x2… And my credit card can’t take another hammering :sob:




We now reached level of ’ atmosferic simulation ’ of War Thunder, it will take some additional time to reach Condor / XPlane / FSX level :smiley: :wink:


I’m going to give it a whirl in VR tonight. Been holding off on that while I’m getting 2D screens and trying to find my way around the cockpit. They really built a well worn F-14, so some of the labeling on things like the warning systems rotary knob require some study until you get familiar with them.


Well, with the caveat that it is an early build, I had all of my sliders to the right last night and was showing around 38 FPS in the missions they provided. Every so often (like once per mission) I would swap views or something and I’d get a total lock down on FPS to like 1, then I’d switch to an F10 view or something and switch back and everything would be fine again. Not sure if that is a sim texture loading problem or if it is something with the F-14 loading. If I weren’t doing review type screenshots I’d back off my sliders a bit more in DCS World. I’ll probably have to for VR. And I’m using a 1080 (not a Ti)