Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



One engine out… Elevator gone… Flaps stuck… Gear down… Rudder shot… One working aileron… Time to dogfight!


You forgot canopy gone and RIO ejected…which is actually good because you don’t have to share the kill with a guy who basically was just sitting there, along for the ride…and you can let your silk scarf flap in the slipstream as you move to guns, guns, guns! :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d be quite terrified actually - clearly my ejection seat has failed and now I have to bail out WWII style without falling into an intake or bouncing off the tail!


F-14 ejection system can be set to Command (both go) or Individual (each has to pull their handle).

Typically the seats are set to Command. The idea is that the pilot keeps trying to fly the plane; the RIO has the SA to punch them out or not.

If they are flying a “guest” in the back seat, they often put the seats in individual. It has happened where the guest in the back has accidentally punched out and the pilot RTB’d…in a convertible.


Well isn’t that interesting! Would be quite the embarrassment to be the one to have accidentally punched out.

I am guessing there is more to returning a jet with one seat out to service than simply re-installing it - what sort of down time would that entail, given the rest of the jet operates still?


Naw. you just climb over the back seat, run down the body of the 'cat and take a dive off the bit between the tails. There’s loads of space!


Hehehe reminds me of “HOT SHOTS!” ending…


Some A-6 Love!!!



I’ll be in my bunk.







./me shields @komemiutes eyes



OK, the obvious question…the A-6 and EA-6 are something like 80% the same airframe, +90% the same wing, etc. So, A-6 and EA-6 coming out at the same time?

(Discuss among your selves) :slightly_smiling_face:


I doubt it- refer to previous conversation about underimplemented ECM environment.


Ohhhh,Fantastic question…especially now with a usable/Player controlled AGM-88 Harm in the sim.


True enough…however, as @Phantom88 says, they could shoot HARM. Also, the EA-6B is a heck of a good ELINT collector. So something like the HB Viggen ELINT capability but in real time…cross-fixes to identify/locate SAM sites, enemy ships, even where the A-50 is…stuff like that.

From that point, simple noise jamming to hide a strike package would be enough for “fun” without getting into the sticky parts of implementing ECM. Just a thought. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to a flyable KA-6!
Because what says “I am a real simmer” more clearly than flying circles for three hours and having all the Mudspikers in the fly-in take fuel from you!? :smile:


A Exciting Airline Career awaits you in P3D or XPlane !!! :slight_smile:


I feel slightly ashamed that I would be happier doing this than bombing stuff…
Like literally cannot wait for this