Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Well, initially I would really agree. The more roles the better.
But in the long run… I’ll go for air to ground. Either killing stuff myself or flying as a FAC in the A-10C

…which reminds me that some day I really have to finish that one mission I planned and started to build, and fly it with y’all…


Definitely up for flying with you sometime dude! Was waiting for your flightstick repair pieces to come through and didn’t want to keep bothering you over it till it was mended.

Let me know whenever your ready


I can smell the Hydrualic fluid from here…



Two F-16s as the fighter escort for the F-14 strike package…


Sure that wasn’t the Bugs out ahead? Strikes me that the Vipers and Bugs were SEAD/DEAD and ended up in a dogfight with the MiGs.


@near_blind let the hype begin. Wags just said F-14 later this month. Check the comments on the sale video.


201 votes and 86 comments so far on Reddit



i dont think its bullshit. its from wags youtube account.



Pessimistic tendencies tingling… Because as much as I want to believe it, DCS doesn’t have a track record of meeting predicted dates, much less beating them. Remember the statement Wags made back in November regarding the Bug.




I just spent the £50 I had saved for tomcat on ace combat 7 so the chances of it being released soon have actually doubled because luck hates me… So there’s that


Wait, wait, wait, let me get this straight… You have a Turkey in your avatar, you’re one of the people looking forward to it, and you haven’t already pre-ordered?


I don’t do pre ordering. It is one of the few rules I have stuck to!

My money stays in my bank in case I need it lol.

X rebirth still makes me angry when I think about the week I took off work to play it after I pre ordered that garbage :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

EDIT. Although I did say I would break my pre-order Embargo if they gave at @near_blind a early access copy but I don’t think that anyone took me seriously or cared lol


I gotta agree.

With instant digital delivery, I don’t do preorder either.

What is the point? It’s not like they will run out of copies on release day.

To save money? If I was so into that, I’d wait for the inevitable 50+% off sale.

To show support for the developer? Then I’ll pay what they are asking when they release it.

I am OK with “Early Access” though. For me, it is a simple equation. If what they are selling today is worth the dollars to me then I’ll pull the trigger. The Hornet at release met this criteria and then some. If they make it better, bonus!

Buying early access with the requirement that they further develop before I “get my moneys worth” is the same as preorder to me. Won’t do it.


I will absolutely be day 1 purchasing the tomcat. I’m pumped for it.

I will pay full price no questions asked.

But your not having my cash until you have a product to sell. Not arguing with people who do that’s not my decision. But my personal view is that I get paid at the end of the month for that month’s work. I don’t get paid in advance for the next one.
Lets not turn the f14 thread into a preorder debate lol


I understand completely, no harm done. Just poking fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

FWIW I only ever pre-ordered one game in digital download and that was Bioshock Infinite.


I’m gonna post my sales receipt if they do give it to near blind though


Were it any other team, I probably wouldn’t have pre-ordered, but the Viggen has been solid and Heatblur has been very good at staying in touch with the community, so I took a chance.

Still, when it comes to release dates, I put them in the same category as gas station sushi.