Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update

It’s gotten to where I dread reading people’s reaction to a delay far more than the delay itself.

Project timeline estimation is difficult, and the fact is dates never get moved up, only pushed back. I can live with that. But listening to a vocal minority of over entitled people treat a project’s delay like it’s some sort of conspiracy by the devs to ruin their customer’s lives, that drives me nuts. Hoggit, I’m looking at you here.
As if the guys who were putting in 80 hr work weeks trying to get a module out the door really wanted to keep working on it forever. The reality is that delays are frustrating for all concerned, but in the end, it’s their baby, not mine, assuming they haven’t taken my pre-order money under false pretenses.


Simply because it isn’t ready for pre-release. Nobody has shown the rear cockpit yet because it isn’t ready. Content creators generally have proven that they can abide by the developer’s requests…it is basically like being a beta tester that is allowed to show stuff with an NDA that is only given in trust. I never signed anything, and was just asked politely to avoid showing things that weren’t done.

And for me, I’m lucky to get an early look at it because I write for a magazine that has a very long lead time. From article submission to newsstand is nearly 6 weeks, and in some cases a couple months. So for me to be able to run a preview article that won’t show up for a couple months it is nice to get things a bit early. With my article submitted, I’ve backed off showing much more simply because I do think it is nice for people to get a fresh look at it out of the box so to speak. I’ve only watched a few minutes of the posted videos, because I actually am interested in experiencing the module as Heatblur intends it for mass release too. It sounds patronizing (and if it does, I apologize), but the full community wide release will be a better experience for you and everyone else than what we got with regards to the impact it will have right off the bat. I’m jealous of you for that. :+1:


So your body wasn’t ready and you never asked for this? :thinking:

I wanted to lose 20 or 30 lbs. before I saw myself in the back seat. Otherwise my blubber hides the side panels…(probably an ejection seat limitation too…)


OK, now you have to have a skin where the RIO’s cockpit has “Porkins” on the nametag.


You know what is really nice for me? I haven’t flown the Hornet since I previewed it (almost 9 months ago?) and it has made huge leaps in functionality and bug fixes. I’m really excited to revisit it as a more complete module. Same goes with the Harrier. It’s almost like I have unwrapped gifts under the tree…


Yeah I can-

Wait, what?


I keep my money at EDB (Eagle Dynamics Bank). I know that it is safe there, because it is immediately converted into rubles which have little value at the local micro brewery :smile:


Yea I am right there with you on this one. I am a Project engineer for my company and I regularly get to watch Project Managers faces run through the gamut of sad/angry emotions as I explain to them the myriad reasons why we can’t bill the project until next week. Then I come home and open up the internet and read hoggit and reddit posts of unbridled anger at the two week delay of a software rendition of the MIG-19. And I always think the same thing - Dude if you can’t wait two more weeks to virtual fly a MIG-19, what’s it like going to the Denny’s with you. When the wait person says your eggs will be right up, what’s that moment in time like?


Making note to revisit this post in 2021…


Hasn’t RAZBAM added some features to the Harrier in the past year or so? I played with it for the first month or so but haven’t been back since. Doesn’t it have a HUD FLIR or something and some other stuff that has been added? I haven’t kept up with it…

Yeah…all this stuff…I hadn’t seen any of this since I played it just at release I think:


In that case, yeah, I think so. Got a few bugs left but mostly a complete experience by now, minus a few minor things.

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I’m sure glad I don’t have to test it. Getting off the ground is work. Getting four targets locked up and evading… I can wait. It’s going to be a few long nights and pots of coffee w this un

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Regarding Razbam’s Harrier I think the analog control for slewing DMT is still broken (don’t know for sure, I tried it last time maybe 2 months ago), it puts me away from the module tbh. The biggest break I took from it was more than 6 months, and I was really dissapointed they still didn’t fix that… I think buying some modules in early access is pointless. When the Harrier will be feature complete it will be discounted two times by that time.

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Yep it’s still on their bug tracker … Hopefully now in testing

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That solves that mystery! I thought it was stupidity on my part.
it normally is to be fair!

I wonder when they will fix that

As someone with a 7 yr old, who says “When’s the food getting here?” when we still have our menus and haven’t even ordered yet…

Obviously these users are only 7.


…um… so this isn’t the Mig-19 thread? … confused…:confused:

Anyway…I don’t have to wait any longer to get a Tomcat! I found this at the NB Norfolk NEX today…



I had a similar thought the other day so I hooked up my TM WH HOTAS and fired up DCS and set up a “sand box” with the PG map…some stuff to bomb, some stuff to shoot a HARM at, some stuff to shoot a Maverick at…I was vastly disappointed…not nearly “there” yet. So back onto the virtual shelf it goes for at least another few months…at least I won’t have to virtually dust it. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: If somebody is working on an MBA, they might want to take a look at ED’s and other’s business model–might be worth a paper or thesis. I bet it makes good business sense. Release a product before it is completely done, but has enough functionality that it is usable. This ensures a certain amount of cash flow while the product is being finished…which, as we have seen, can take a few months. It seems to be a win-win, the customer gets to get their hands on something sooner; the company generates income earlier.

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Out of curiosity, what were you expecting from the Bug?