Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



If the only thing grossly wrong with DCS is the release dates - that’s fine by me.


This is a great attitude to have! :+1::blush:


Just more time to continue learning the Hornet. Could be much worse fates in my gaming life…


I don’t mind the delay if it means I have a rebuilt joystick by then :yum:


I’m looking forward to this :partying_face:


I paid for this a long time ago… take your time, I want it right.


Every time I get impatient waiting, I remember I got a ship in Star Citizen in 2012. This is nothing.


Star citizen, its the fighterops of space games. Except star citizen obtained enough money to make 6 AAA games




“Next year will be awesome… Nothing to worry about”


Well, Fighter Ops didn’t have playable content, did it?
The Star Citizen Alpha was quite fun to play when I last tried it, last month.

Edit: by the way, their fluff is great. A lot of nice stories and background of the universe. I enjoy reading it a lot.


This month? I haven’t heard anything but March 31st, latest, from Heatblur…?


I predict we’ll have Tomcats before SC is in beta. Sorry for the side track.


We had our fun- let’s agree to get back on topic. :slight_smile:


Which is why I made the correlation between the two.

Anyway back on topic


Oh come on, that’s not fair. SC has playable content.

But yeah, let’s discuss that over in the SC thread.

As for the Tomcat: I want to see more of the RIO cockpit and its functions! :slight_smile:


There was some drama earlier this week where Wags seemed to indicate in a YouTube comment that it would be out by the end of the month.


Oh well… :slight_smile:




Lol, And it will ALWAYS be that number.


Hello and What About That F-14B Tomcat