Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



I thought this was a family friendly forum.

That video is pure pr0n.
It’s… Mmmh… So right though…

I might… might have given up resistance and went to preorder.

Dunno. Have to check again…




I have to watch it again for sure. Watched it once and didnt notice any Iran Air Force Tomcats :slight_smile:


Not only I watch them several times, but also I watch those DCS Tomcat videos at 0,5 speed or even 0,25 speed to admire all the details.


That was sexy AF!


These guys obviously are not on a shoestring budget. Remember the good ole days when Glowing Amraam would make a video for ED and get a video card as payment? Those days are obviously over. The production quality of that promo suggests a sizable price tag.


They had me when I saw the Tomcat do that little sink off the CAT as it rotates…that is attention to detail.:grin:


Watched it second time and I finaly can see it…

…train a lot guys so you can see me from this angle too :wink:


The F-14 in the video looked much more maneuverable than I would have guessed. The roll-rate was up there with the F-5. If that’s how the kitten really played then I gave her far too little credit.


I don’t know the exact numbers, but the F-14 was pretty nimble for such a big plane.
So yeah, might work.


I have to admit, I never liked the F-14. I drooled watching Top Gun as a kid. But I drooled over A-4 and “MiG 27” or whatever that thing was supposed to be. I still drive a Golf. I fly one of the lightest high performance single-seat planes money can buy (cheaper than the car, truth be told). So I like small, nimble stuff. Top Gun didn’t make me like the Cat. Final Countdown made me want to fly big helicopters. (Listen, I can’t explain how my head works. Just be happy you’re not married to me!). All the hype on this thread made actually me like it less. But that video! Man, now I want it. I want to fly it for Iran in Blue Flag in the baddest way. I know I know. “A-model yada yada yada”.


I think my ‘stache will be fully grown in time for release.

image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2e/Pilots_of_F14-IRIAF.jpg/640px-Pilots_of_F14-IRIAF.jpg


I’m looking forward to it because what Heatblur has done with the F-14 is above and beyond typical DCS fare. The multiseat capability alone is an exceptional leap ahead, which opens the door to so many other things that in the past ED said couldn’t be done. I’ve never been a big F-14 fan either, but I can appreciate what Heatblur has done in bringing such an iconic aircraft into the game.


Did anyone else happen to notice the pilot salute before the cat launch in that video? That would be really cool to see before each takeoff.


I want one of the shirts to discretely slip me a middle finger. THEN I know DCS has arrived!


If you’re going to get a middle finger from a Skittle, it’ll likely be a handler or shooter, and they would be the opposite of discreet. For good reason.


No, I get you. I’ve always felt the Tomcat was gawky looking. It looked unnatural with wings swept forward, and looked like a plain old delta with them swept back. Conversely the Hornet always looked so sporty and nimble. Like The Tomcat was Andre the Giant, and the Hornet was Bruce Lee.

Also, that video is neat, but I think we call agree what would be really cool is a shot-for-shot remake feature Cessna Caravans.


Going to have to clear up misconceptions here

  • The Tomcat certainly is, unlike all of it’s 4th gen contemporaries, not maneuverable. Remember big = can’t manuever. There are literally no examples to the contrary
  • All things equal, pair of 2nd Gen interceptors and an upgraded 50s vintage attack aircraft are more than enough to consistently defeat the Tomcat in a dogfight. There is no evidence, certainly not a massive exercise in the 70s or some sort of school of fighter weapons to disprove this.
  • Remember: if it can fire big missiles, it can’t maneuver. That’s just fair balance as mandated by the Yalta conference of 1945.

Internalize all of the above, and if we happen to meet online, be sure to join the other team as to better exploit the Tomcat’s weakness.

If you hear something on the wind that sounds vaguely like a 20 something laughing his ass off, its not that. Probably.


Well that sounds like a Mudspike Challenge. Post a selfie with your mustache in your sim pit on your first flight :f14: :smile: