Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Green goblin and predator might be readying weapons at this point


uh, no! They’re great actors! Just not hollywood playboy type of actors, like a young Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer.
In the flight of the Intruder, the playboy was the A-6 itself :smiley:

For the iconic part, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can just google it.
You’ll notice the usage of the word started picking up once the Intruder entered service.



Only one thing comes to mind from that clip:


I love you guys <3 :smiley:

stay weird motherlovers.


KA-6 confirmed. Because real men pass gas.


Alert 5 podcast Heatblur interview


There is definitely something to be said for this and it has been good for doofus pilots like me who can’t digest this stuff in large chunks. That being said, there is something refreshing about jumping back into the Hog after flying the Hornet and having all the bells and whistles working and available.



That was awesome.


It looks amazing! I just hope it will ship with some decent campaign(s).


…! :astonished: :f14:





\m/ !


The texture and model details look amazing - definitely see the Viggen heritage in some of those rivet shots (the makers not the plane).


I was holding off until I saw that video. Instant pre-purchase.


Ok, honest, how many times have you played the video already? (I know it’s more than 3)


Dangit, if this thing doesn’t come out before January, it better not come out until March. Or May. Otherwise I won’t have time to learn this beast until then, at the earliest.


you mean it is so simple ? I am sitl holding off. OK, now I am going to watch the video and let you know…


If we’re basing it off when you’ll take time to finally learn a jet, It’s going to be some time in the late 2030s. Sooooo…