Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Mr manboobs on the right, standing tall before the man all pretty in pink.


“Mr manboobs on the right” is wearing a red flight deck jersey - he was the squadron ordnance officer…our “Gunner”


Good thing i’m 1000 miles away in a “friendly” country with a rather low chance of being a legitimate target for JDAM greeting cards :smiley:


That’s entirely valid, and in no way am I trying to argue it wasn’t. I’m well aware that for the majority of the Tomcats career the Phoenix was doctrinally an insurance policy against Soviet Naval Aviation. The comments that kicked this off were perpetuating the myth that the missile itself does not have the performance to engage fighters.

That is false, it’s been false since the 60s, and it was false right up until the motors started falling apart. Whether or not that’s the best use of the missile in any given situation? not my department.



OK…I must have speed read through those posts.

Oh heck yes it has the performance! If we think about it, this missile was designed to hit targets over 50 Nm away. Take that energy and point it as something 15-20 Nm away…I’m not saying it will perform like the SAMs in Behind Enemy Lines…but, as one of our RIOs once said, “It will find you and it will kill you.”

We were at a Red Flag. They didn’t let us use AIM-54 until the last day. The last day morning “battle” started. Red Air had 4 x F-15s topping off from a KC-135 at the western edge of the range. We killed the tanker from the other side of the range. They didn’t like that. There was some discussion at the debrief as to whether just the F-15 tanking at the time, or a couple of the F-15s waiting in line should also been kills since being in formation with an exploding KC-135 was likely least FOD an engine. They really didn’t like that. :sunglasses:




He’s got a point. When you can’t remember the startup sequence by memory but know exactly how to re-light the engine every time, your aircraft might have some issues.

I’d imagine this was followed by the guys at the top telling them that “If you guys want GBUs, just ask. You don’t need to keep throwing AIM-54s into the dirt!”

It’s fair to keep in mind that the Iranian pilots were far superior to the Iraqi ones, so I’d bet most of the Phoenix kills were done to unaware targets. It doesn’t negate the success though; just makes it clear that the old adage of whoever sees the other first has won half the battle. The AWG-9 goes a long way (heh) toward that bit.

I don’t know enough about the AIM-54 to say what it can or can’t do; my perspective is more than much will depend on the skill of the crew employing it within DCS. Once again, given unlimited stores of missiles that don’t have a chance of a malfunction, don’t cost anything, and offer superior range and guidance, why wouldn’t you use it? Same effect as you see with the AMRAAM, R-77, etc. – if it’s available, it gets used.

So far, my hit rate with AAMs in DCS is pretty abysmal, so I treat missiles as a way to force a target into a defensive posture for a gun kill. Save for a few times of a runaway gun on the Bug, it’s yet to fail me.


Are we still talking about the Viggen?


Yes. Honestly, what kind of fool puts a VHS player behind the pilot? And then puts a tiny little tube on the dash to watch the film?!


Because BetaMax was considered a US military secret.

Ok, so we misinterpreted the HUD acronym… Who knew Hole Upon Dash wasn’t correct?



The superior Iranian pilots also had a version of Combat Tree according to them giving them a massive SA advantage in cases where it paid off…because of course the less said adage is you ain’t firing Jack if you cant identify what you are firing at!

Have to correct me if I’m wrong here but “one” of the reasons the USN F-14s were kept back in the Storm was lack of a decent NCTR capability presumably the Iraqis had by this time remembered to switch off their IFF on the ramp.

Coopers book has 4 different figures…for 71 AIM-54 fired you get a range between 16 to 78 (lol) kills unless I can’t count of course. Not saying it is a bad book as long as you remember it is only the Iranian side of the story and for confirmed kills read “claims” instead.

Not much in the public domain on the AIM-54 or the AMRAAM beta as I like to call it other than what I scraped off the DCS forums…3 fired in combat by the USN so useless. Likewise test environments totally useless - the AIM-4 Falcon and every other missile tested shot down everything it hit in a test environment…anyway


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When is the Early access over ? Don’t want to miss the discount :grinning:


Wait… I was sure the 'cat wasn’t available for the public until well into 2019.


The goal is December, the “promise” is no later than the end of winter


In which hemisphere? North or South? :open_mouth:


I’ve been a really good boy, I’ve eaten all my vegetables. Ive worked hard all year. I have worked 2 jobs for 8 months. I’m not asking for much. Please please don’t make me wait till next year
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Like I said before, they need at least a year of delays to get the A-6 ready. Q4 2019 is a much more realistic goal.


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