Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



My little boy! Think of my little boy. He has (he’s 2 he doesn’t do patient) patiently been waiting for farming simulator 19 and has just found out apparently its a giant let down. He has been listening to daddy talk about tomcats and watched the whole of top gun and has let his excitement build and build. He can’t take much more disappointment this year! Think of the children!

Why? It only leads to miserable places…


I mean, I’d seriously like to see it out earlier, but y’know… You need all the Grumman product catalog to do it justice! We don’t even have a C-2. Who’s gonna give gas and bring missiles for the F-14? Certainly not an F-111!

Only 'cause the F-14 goes there first.


I’d actually love a c-2… All joking aside I’d also love a tanker to play with ka6…


There’s probably a mod that adds a C-2, but in a pinch the E-2 can fill in. I’m pretty sure Heatblur added the KA-6 because the S-3B tanker really sucks for passing gas. I wouldn’t anticipate getting it on early access, though.


I’m a little bit of a transport aeroplane and tanker nerd. My wife thinks I pick the most boring thing possible to enjoy just to irritate her. But I would happily sit for hours in a kc 10 running racetracks waiting for customers while you lot burn fuel off doing missions


If we get a flyable A-6E, we should also get a buddy pod capability with it, which would be a first. Not as much gas as a KA-6, but still enough for tactical refueling.


It begins.


Stream is on. 3.6k watching


For those that can’t scroll up or something: :slight_smile:


Does anybody know what these symbols on the ADI represent?



Not sure. If it was a video game built in about 1980, I’d have put those squares there to simulate motion, i.e. forward movement. :slight_smile:


Looks like turbo laser turrets. No big threat for a nimble small fighter.


Stressful. Not sure I’d enjoy the 4,000 people watching me hook up to that crawling Hercules:


Also watching…compelling theater for sure. Wondering if when they are split screen if they are in VR. Appears so IMO.


I believe all except 1-1 is in VR. 1-1 is using TIR


She’s a beaut


Watching OSU v Michigan on my iPhone, the Heartblur stream on my iPad. Jester has priority atm.


Desire to fly deep strike missions with sizable payload intensifies


Talk to me, Goose!


When Jester corrected his BRA