Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Jester with the spicy comments on that landing as well. lol


Looks like choppy framerate made diamond 1-1 stall out, spin and dump it in the drink when turning onto finals, right?

I know its realistic, but not hearing a big rumbly bassy SWOOSH! on launching a fox-3 saddened me a little.

Those landings… looks like a challenge! I love it!


I actually found it comforting to see others with the ‘Input TrackIR disabled’ again and again and the freeze a few times. I don’t even have TrackIR plugged in and I get that, so was always wondering if others saw that in DCS. I think its something to do with USB inputs, and perhaps their VR losing sensor input. Oculus loves their USB issues and power droops…


It’s gonna take a long and frustrating time until I learn to fly that thing. But it will be good to learn fly something with real gauges to check instead of digital MFDs… The hornet got all of us newbies spoiled, not to mention it’s super forgiving FCS…


The ground. It’s meant to be little hills and stuff to remind the pilot not to fly into them.


I’ve never seen that message. But then again, I never installed TiR on this PC…


That’s a good idea - let me try uninstalling that, as I don’t use it.


If I recall, “trackir” is their catch all for head tracking device. I used to get the same messages when vive couldn’t find both light houses


Start flying the A-4 regularly and I guarantee you that adapting to steam gauges will become easy again.


This is proper flying. As useful as g1000 GPS systems and multiscreen mfd’s are you will never ever go wrong if you can navigate and aviate the old ways. Nothing in my life has ever satisfied me like plotting a course on a chart. Following the bearing and at the end of the eta the correct airfield pops out right on the prop spinner. Glorious feeling.

My old instructor used to call GPS pilots FLOPS.



The A-4 also teaches you some of that old school navigation tech, what with the doppler navigation radar and TACAN. I pieced together a dawn SEAD mission with A-4s and it was an excellent challenge going by the moonlight and reflection on the water. Plus, landing on the boat was an even bigger challenge because I couldn’t radio in for landing!

If you have mastered the A-4 and carrier ops with it, the F-14 will be an easy transition.


That sounds awesome @franze

I’m truck driving tonight as its winter here and I think I’ve got at least 4hr wait to unload in Dagenham so you’ve inspired me to draw up the mother of all NAVEX for myself to fly on my day off Monday.


Second row, second from the right (khaki trousers)…


I was close then, my gues was first row, first from left or the guy you think you are :wink:


As it so happens, Dino of India Foxtrot Echo sims just released his for fsx/p3d.

Would love to see it in dcs, as lots of fun spotter-killer games with Hawkeyes and turkeys, but P3D and tac pack should allow for some fun ship-to-shore action with the C-2


I read chucks Christmas flight in it yesterday @aggressorblue and I love the look of the model. @Chuck_Owl looked like he had a great time flying it as well. I’m not sure how well it would work as a flyable aircraft in dcs but I would definitely buy it either way.


Thats a thought that I have …um…thought about.

Having just landed my C-130J in Switzerland (foreshadowing for my next AAR) I see good possibilities for military transport aircraft in DCS. After all, that is essentially what the Mi-8 is at its core. A C-130, IL-76, C-2, etc could probably dow well in MP…get your online buddies in the fighters escort you while others try to shoot you down. The obvious use would be in capturing airfields and bringing in air defense, troops, vehicles, etc. as I’ve read in some great Blue Flag AARs.

Not sure how an E-2 or AWACS would work other than it being a bit boring if it is just the flight deck…would probably need something for the back end to do…put it on AP and then jump to a controller station?

There might be something to an RC-135 or GUARDRAIL RC-12…like the Viggen ELINT collection but seeing it in real time and adjusting flight path to collect better…or maybe not. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to have something like that.
Years ago I tried to script something along those lines but the scripting engine of DCS lacked so many features, I just stopped at some point.

Meanwhile it has become a lot better, I give them that, but… still not quite there if you are used to scripting engines like in ArmA for example.


That is RIGHT up my street. I’m desperate for a kc10 or a proper kc135 so I can run racetracks listening to the radio waiting for the strike package to return and fuel up. That’s the stuff that really interests me. Imagine trying to land a c17 on a short field under fire and banging a load of troops out the ramp and then bolting for safety. Fighter cover over head and CAS a10s wrecking the enemy nearby. In the dark.

Chills just thinking about the possibilities there.


The only sims I remember that had those missions really were 2 helo sims–EECH and Longbow 2. Both would have escort and/or suppression missions where you’d ensure the troop helos made it to the enemy base and dropped off their men without being shot down by ADA or aircraft. If they made it, the base switched sides and the front line moved.

Of course, a scripted campaign could emulate that stuff but these were dynamic campaigns that had them as a normal type. EECH’s got bugged for years, unfortunately, where the mission wouldn’t run and the campaign would grind to a halt.