Helicopters Video Thread


$200,000 Helicopter flight simulator. I want one of these too.


So much fun, so expensive :smiley:


I’ll have to visit that company’s web site sometime and check out the other sims they’ve put together for the fixed wing clients.


Very cool video of helicopter combat mission in 360 degree viewpoint. You can go to full screen, put your cursor on the video and look around.


I could watch this all day:


I maintain the MH-60S would make an awesome DCS module


That was damn cool!

@near_blind Yep, really hoping someday that module will be in our module manager.


In case you were unaware what else the MH-60S does, besides vertrep:

CSAR with 7.62mm, .50 cal, Hellfire, Mk54 torpedoes, FLIR, moar cameras, minesweeping with lasers and a 30mm cannon …
Quite an impressive list indeed, @near_blind. (Did I forget anything?)


ESSL wings and a 20mm Gatling gun


One of the classics.


Tomoyasu Hotei, Battle without Honour or Humility :wink: Recently learned that riff on the guitar.



That is one big bird.




The Mi-26 defy’s all logic, it’s bigger then the first generation of 737 airliners!


Man…turn up the speakers and listen to that thing THUMP…! Wow…


Yeah the sound of those engines and rotors was astounding. I also was in awe of when the Mi-26 began lifting the Chinook and if you look closely at the rotors of the Mi-26 they are definitely bending upwards significantly.


It didn’t look strained at all, amazing amount of power and damn the size. You think its way closer then it actually is.


How about lifting something a little bigger then a Ch-47 :wink:

Little first person action:


What a nightmare … ZERO visibility for the pilot of a Robinson R44 (?) helicopter flying the bride in to surprise the groom at the reception in Sao Paulo Brazil …

MOD EDIT: I do not think that this is in the spirit of the thread as people die in this video and there is nothing to be learned (pilot error::flying into conditions that they are not ready/trained for) and nothing showcasing helicopters, but to avoid being a censor, I am just going to wrap this in a spoiler tag. If anyone has a problem with this action, please let me know in a PM and we can discuss it. -Fridge-

Tragic beyond words! How does IFR flying in helicopters even work?