Helicopters Video Thread


I don’t mean to be squeamish but maybe we should spoiler people dying. Or not posting them entirely.




Indeed. When I post crash videos, I try to post ones that are more “oh…oops…” as opposed to “oh no!”…

Well…it actually works quite similarly to aircraft with a few exceptions. Most notably, that R44 is most likely not equipped with an autopilot of any type. It is like the Cessna 172 of helicopters. So you are pretty much on your own there. Hovering on instruments alone is extremely difficult even for experienced pilots…the ease which vertigo can set in is scary. If you are a poor instrument pilot, you certainly aren’t going to get any better in that kind of stressful situation.

Our helicopters (EC135s) are fully IFR capable…have autopilots, and can shoot an ILS an autopilot just like a fixed wing aircraft can. The pilots are extremely well trained, night vision certified, and very proficient.


I was not aware that the Huey had such an upgraded cockpit…


That was pretty neat. I have seen upgraded cockpits in some of the Marine Huey videos but they weren’t like this one.

Also, did you notice at the 2:10 mark the training equipment they were using? It looked like they were learning to balance a steel ball on a tilting board attached to a cyclic setup.


Here is the cockpit in the Marine Hueys I was mentioning.


U.S.-Australian Cooperation.

The Australian 5th Aviation Regiment leads Battle Group Pegasus, made up of 24 helicopters from Australia, the U.S. and New Zealand. Filmed on July 11, 2017 as part of exercise Talisman Saber 2017.
Interview with Capt. Joshua Ahrens, B Troop commander, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 26th Cavalry, U.S. Army.


UH-1Y Huey Gunship - Close Air Support.


Just to offset the modern versions with an oldie :slight_smile:

EDIT: For pairing:


LOL! Love that sound! I’m guessing that the sound is like that because this helicopter was powered by a piston engine and not the jet turbine type? Also, wasn’t the Huey the first helicopter to be powered by the jet turbine engine? That was one of it’s other iconic traits…?


Okay I was flying the Huey in DCS and it got me remembering a vid I saw yrs ago and I looked it up and found it again, on the same website too…lol. Chinese guy built a helicopter in his garage for 3k total and the vid of him flying it in his little city block is pretty crazy. This guys 3k heli does some pretty nice flyin. He really throws it around. Anyway, let the little commercial play unless you know Chinese to be able to skip it.

Entertaining vid. I mean damn I would love to be able to get similar for only 3k.


I find the lack of Apache in this thread disturbing.

Apache shoots frickin’ lazer beam.

Yes, disappointing! :sadpanda:


Nop, it became iconic because of the way its represented in the media and how heavily its connected to Vietnam. It was also part of the first generation of helicopters that became part of the air cavalry method. It inspired the Russians to develop the Mi-8.

It’s iconic sound is produced by the rotor blades.

The first Gas Turbine powered helo was the Kaman 225 according to wikipedia:

Not really a surprise, helicopter gas turbine engines represent a lot more tech from the first gas turbine generation overall then a modern low or high bypass engine. A lot of it has to do with how the compressor and combustion chamber are designed.

Yes indeed!


Yeah…this is how I fly my Mi-2 in X-Plane…


Actually I should have clarified. I meant turbine powered in mass production for U.S. military. My bad.

From Wikipedia: The UH-1 was the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter production in 1960 for the United States military, and more than 16,000 have been built since.[1]


In that specific case, then yes. Yes it is.


I didn’t realize they skim the water with that helo to pick up water…like this…


Wow! Just amazing. What a beast!



LOL! Why would you even attempt that? Seems so impossibly dangerous.