I have so many fond memories of Hidden & Dangerous 2. Such a fantastic game!

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Me too in all these posts about H&D… both one (the clunkier) and two (the nearly perfect one)…

I killed myself so many times in H&D1 trying to use grenades with that bizarre overhand lob you did.

H&D2 was so great and let you go so many places. Frankly, I want an H&D2 Remastered with modern graphics. The coop MP was excellent and the pacing and such were just so good. Too bad we won’t see it.


Hidden & Dangerous was the Real Man’s tactical shooter. Rainbow Six without the toys.


I loved the mission where you were inserted as frogmen into a Napoleonic era coastal fort to destroy a gun. So cool sneaking around the stone corridors with a DeLisle or silenced Sten.


That was a very atmospheric one, yeah. My favorite was the “sneak onto the ship” one. Splinter Cell WWII.


IIRC you also had to lay mines underneath it!
:smiley:Loved it!

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Yes! That was a great one too, in fact they all were great.

@komemiute yeah, put them on first I think and then get into the ship. Can you still play it coop? May need to get a session going if we can!!

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@Mace… JFC I would literally sell a kidney t for a MP session of H&D2.
IIRC it’s nearly impossible with the latest Windows OS.

Found this… https://steamcommunity.com/app/703320/discussions/0/3277925755439234645/


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We should really move these last 10 posts in a new thread about H&D2…

@Troll, S’il Vous Plait?


much obliged, kind Sir!

@Troll is a wizard?! He zapped us over here!

@Troll can I have £1,000,000 please?

waits patiently


Might be worth a try!

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Man I’d love to…
From tonight, if I’m online I’ll be available on Discord.
Feel free to hit me up with a message, or a call.

I’m usually drawing- I’m completely booked at the moment (and the thingsI am making are going to be really nice! I promise!) but I can always find 30 minutes to hang around.

We take off from there.

@komemiute, give @Mace £1mill.

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Ok, no problem.
Gimme £1,5 mill first.


Not on tonight, just on Saturday for iL2 but I also need to get it installed etc. I’m limited to when I get on too at the moment lol bloody real life! But we’ll get to test it at some point and if we get a couple more people for the full team of 4.

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Absolutely agree… :slight_smile: Cheers man!
I agree on the whole line.