High Wind DCS Huey Ship Landing

Ok, these screens aren’t any good (from VR), but it’s what I’ve been playing recently. Set up a DDG off the coast of Batumi, give it a heading and then see how high a sea-state you can land in. Here’s my limits so far:

Wind at 33ft 66 kts

Wind at 2600ft 140 kts

I edge towards the ship, check out I’m at full deflection on the tail rotor already as I turn into the wind. I’ve run out of left pedal.

The ship is going up…

…and going down (enough to expose the screw)

Getting closer it’s looking worse :expressionless:

It’s taken me about 10 minutes of hovering behind trying to time the landing.

I throw it down on the pad but too hard - boom. Could do with a landing hook here.

Anyone want to try? It’s a simple thing but has been keeping me obsessed lately.

huey ship fun.miz (9.4 KB)


Sweet il give it a try. Since my sim time is limited these days, I’d estimate 90% of it is spent on little challenges like this. Pilot Wings style.

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Feel free to move the ship closer to shore. As I was ramping up the wind it seemed less and less a good idea that it was that far away :slight_smile:


I made a video when the new wave effects where available

Never tried at 66 knots yet :poop:


Never knew about the ship in your video. Had to go look it up.

Yeah I think its in the 229th mod pack. Pretty cool ships :smiley:

I remember doing it in a couple of online coop missions… was super hard.

It could also be the fact that we were at night in pitch dark with NVG goggles.

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