Hollo Pointe (DCS Server)

Hollo Pointe North: New Year Update

Network Hardware

Links are aggregated with some nice new cables that are CAT6, should keep things running smoothly. Grey - my PC, Orange - HPN.

SRS Server Update

Simple Radio Standalone has had some new updates again, so please if you are a user of this awesome add-on - update to which will now allow you to see how many players are on the same frequency as you!

From the server side of things we now have a frequency that can bridge across coalitions with the security enabled. I have selected the aeronautical emergency channel of 121.500Mhz AM for this purpose. As from a previous update, you can also do a mic-check on 120.300 or 247.200Mhz AM.
These three frequencies are now listed in the server description, visible from the server list browser.

Discord Changes

Just a reminder to let me know which region you belong to and I can add you to our “@ NorthAmerica” or “@ Europe” roles - which you can then ping others in the same region to meet up and fly!

You can also let me know if you are a user of SRS, as we now have “@ SRS Users” which will mainly be used to make notes of updates to SRS and when I update the server so that in the event of backwards incompatible changes you can be certain what version the server is running. You could also ping this role for help with SRS.


A question on this time estimate - does that time span include the use of CBU-97/105’s? :grin:


Iirc Tomcat was RAM hungry especially online. 32GB was recommended. But that was true some weeks ago. Maybe not anymore…


I made the F-14 + Gulf work online with my old build using 16GB on Win7, didn’t have any major problems so I don’t think it’s memory alone. Bear in mind I also set up large page files which helped a lot.

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Since Page File(s) would be accessed often and randomly, moving them to SSD’s and potentially off the C drive would help. I recall having them on a particularly slow HDD (slower than modern typical consumer disks today) is horrendous. At the time I had a 20GB HDD pulled from a dead Xbox I used for Paging and temp data so that my page file wouldn’t clash with C or games drive…things got better once that disk was tossed out!

While I know you know, I figure it’s worth bing on record that the page file increase is curing symptoms not causes - which is insufficient RAM.

I haven’t flown the 14 in a while, next run I’ll take it for a spin and see what I see on RAM usage for DCS - will be interesting!

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Okay, here are the errr…startling results.
Was not anticipating this.


Could you be more specific pls? What days, what times!? Maybe I will fit somewhere…


We need to get our Mi8 on again @nevo

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For sure. I upgraded with NS 430 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t be very specific :frowning: I’m not able to fly at regular set times. Times you can usually find me flying are saturday mornings and sunday afternoons, though!


Oooh. Is it worth it? I’ve been very interested to try that add on but haven’t yet. What do you think of it?

I have it and tbh never switch it on. I learned the nav aspects of the hind from the outset and never need a GPS thingymajig. The best enjoyment I get from dcs is ifr and vfr navigation especially in the huey and hip. Waypoints are great but they encourage laziness :+1:

Oh and I found this thread while discord is going through its 13 updates

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A new mission called Ira’dib debuts tomorrow, Friday, on Hollo Pointe. It features modern jets in the Persian Gulf. While mostly a Blue coop mission, it includes some Red jets and helicopters.
Blue A-10s and ground attack strikes can hit Red armor and artillery objectives all day, without triggering Red air.
Blue attack jets will trigger Red AI opponents by flying into Red air defense detection – that is, when a Blue Jet is detected by Red radar then Red jets will launch.
Combined Arms forces can win this.

Please join in! The mission does have a timeout, and it can be restarted with the Radio F10 Menu.


Currently on this server…

Any chance on the next update to move the London FARP for the choppers closer to Al Minhad AB? Where it is now, it’s a LONG haul to the target area. :grinning:

Hi Chaz,
Sure, that can be done. I will take care of that in a few hours, after work.


Alright Chaz, this is done and the updated mission is running.


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Oh, BTW, the F10 Radio Menu allows a restart. I like restarting the mission (at 0500) and watching from Al Dhafra Airbase in my F-15C while the AWACS, tanker and F-16 escorts taxi and take off. Anyone feel free to restart Ira’dib if you like. It starts at 0500 in the dark, and the sun comes up soon enough.


I tried to jump onto the server, ping being 41 I could not resist. However I received the following message ‘Pure client models required’.

I am not aware of modifying any of my aircraft.

Any ideas what the issue is?


The A4 mod could do that, if you have it installed.

Thanks Wes, I do have the A4 installed