Hollo Pointe North January WWII Fun Flight



Reloadable ejection seat cartridges DLC incoming…


Love the enthusiasm! I think these posts should move to Screenshots thread or the HP Warbird poll thread. More on-topic there.

Whats great in the warbirds is that a wreck doesn’t mean a 10 minute startup procedure. Just maybe a long zig-zag taxi for a Spitfire.


Aw man I totally missed this, hopefully next time!


It was more just a random planets lining up thing, so I think there was about 8 minutes warning of the event. It was also a useful shakedown thing, as had forgotten lots and needed to set up bindings etc.

We also had a ‘live’ Chucks Guide which was fantastic, so rather than open a PDF I could whine into discord ‘Chuuuuuuucckkkkkkk?’ :slight_smile:


Absolutely. Huey and Mi-8 medevac and sling load operations are tons of fun.


Use Ka-50 nose to squash infantry. It works!


All types on Red & Blue.
Let’s see some Huey dogfights!


I have my slingload weapon ready…!



I will take a night off work for a proper mudspike meetup again. Spring sting was a blast last year


I will arrange time as well, these happenings are fun!


Hoping to fly some tonight, but I suspect I’m going to be wrangled into watching some family TV show…which is fair. Maybe late, late tonight I can hop on…


Being roped in to a family snowball fight :wink:

Welcome to Steam

Some screenshots that I captured from the fun:

A nice assortment of types :slight_smile:

@BeachAV8R doing his thing with rockets!

And a couple of fancy shots before the roll-in.

@Chuck_Owl on his approach and coming off target.

@Wes doing the same.

And @Franze taking on a Huey :slight_smile:

@fearlessfrog forming up off my right wing for a battle damage assessment. My 109 versus the runway after a takeoff bounce while I was pulling in the gear.

Landing off to the side of the runway so that I wouldn’t foul it :slight_smile:


Spent some time on HPN today with the new Normandy mission. Notes:

  • In VR performance is pretty good. Going to the F10 map seems to break DCS, in that returning to the cockpit after is about 50% framerate. Luckily the mission is pretty easy to orient yourself without a map, plus next time I’ll try the kneeboard.

  • The AI damage model is a bit weird on the WWII birds, so roll on that update.

  • The I-16 pilots bail if you shoot from underneath them, otherwise sometimes they bullet sponge like a John Wick sequel.

  • My spitfire landings are still pretty random, so I need to practice that offline more.

  • Spotting in VR was fine but identifying was always risky. If not sure I’d just try to get high and eyeball them before a dive. Often the direction they come from helps, but then friendly AI returning are often in danger.

  • The spitfire ammo is really scarce, in that I need to unbind the mg/cannon button. It’s only worth shooting when almost certain of a kill. Deflection shooting I need to work on.


Yep, me too. My accuracy on leading a target is atrocious.

PSA: Death to Takeoff Assist!
If you have any issues with your rudder or yaw on takeoff - turn all the WWII bird’s you own sliders down to ZERO. This has been the bane of myself, @Franze & @fearlessfrog. Once you kick it to the curb, you can begin learning good rudder habits and takeoff handling.


Is the wake turbulence forced on, by the way? Most of the time the FPS is pretty good (minus the occasional hefty stutter, I think thats when the server is spawning in planes. also the warping can get a little bad at times to the point that a plane banks right and then flies to the left in reverse) but the moment I get on someone’s six the FPS goes the way of the Huey (chopchopchopchopchopchop). I remember flying jagdflieger some months back ( I really need to get back into that) and turning of the wake turbulence helped an insane amount with the FPS.


Turbulence is on. May consider a force-off depending what @Franze thinks. I am thinking it’s throws you for a lot more of a ride than it should.

The warping is part of a feature ED implemented so that AI wingmen would keep up without burning all their gas in afterburner and then ejecting / RTB in the jets. I wish they left it the way it was. So now the AI is glued to you. Fly with an AI wingman and pull some sudden violent maneuvers while F5 cam to him - it’s like having a mirror.


I’d like to touch on this and ask our VR users if this is something that affects them more than flat screen users. I’ve only noticed minimal gains with turbulence turned off and it might be something that is more problematic for WWII aircraft than modern ones.

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