Hollo Pointe North January WWII Fun Flight

We really should make best efforts to do a quick flight with @Wes and @Franze et al on HPN with a DCS warbird flight. It was good fun with the Dora, so I just need a tiny push to do a fun PvE with a couple of people.

EDIT: Everyone welcome on Hollo Pointe - info on SRS, Discord and the Server here:


I should be able to manage that. I’m in a bit of a hole in my schedule right now where I actually have a few days off, and then I transition to night shifts, which usually gives me time off. I’ll see if I can hook up tonight at some point…getting the kids to bed at 9PM is sometimes a challenge to evening flying. They can’t stand to go to bed if they see Daddy still having fun doing something…


Judging from results someone might be losing any potential arguments.

@fearlessfrog just fyi, I am usually around west coast prime times twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do and have most of the ww2 birds


Tell them you have to fly the Hawk and they’ll probably feel sorry for you and go to bed themselves? :wink:

We also need to rope @Fridge into this, and the rarest of rare MP unicorns @Troll (who selfishly lives on the wrong side of the sphere just to spite us I think).

I shall forsake the hockey tonight (they’ll win now) and will be on HPN at 2020-01-17T02:30:00Z unless I get stuck under something heavy (dog is growing fast)


I should be on tonight. Gonna go make myself a nice supper and then settle in to the P-51 or something on HPN :slight_smile:


LOL… I should be able to make 9:30PM… :+1:


I will not be forsaking hockey this evening, so I hope to stumble in a little after 10 pm


Now would be a bad time to mention the server is running Offensive Posture which is wholly modern…

Fortunately I check up here frequently, and thanks to @WreckingCrew pointing me to Google Remote Desktop (TV gave the commercial lock to us both, he was denied & I got approved for return to free/home only for it to lock out immediately again so they got sent to the recycle bin) I got the phone app so the No Effort range is running again!


9:30 PM EST? I’ll try to make it provided the Missus lets me.


Lots of fun was had. I’m glad I came!


Nice to finally talk to you in person @Chuck_Owl! It was very enjoyable all around…!


Yep, it was good fun. Thanks for hosting @Wes, things worked great.


I do.
But @smokinhole promised me the right hand seat in his bird, and as much Star Wars stuff my flightbag can carry, if I ever move across the pond.
So I’m considering it…


I have recently upped my flying to a couple of hours or so everyday when possible, normally after wife has fallen asleep on the sofa and I pack her off to bed and between shifts in the restaurant kitchen during the day. It has been useful time spent as I can now expend everything I can hang off the hornet and hit things😇


I am so irritated I was at work last night and missed the meetup :sob: Fingers crossed for next time.


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After seeing @fearlessfrog darting around in the F-8…errrr5 I decided to pick it up in the sale today.


i’ll be grabbing the i-16 at least and here i thought i was safe since the other sale just ended… damn you ED :stuck_out_tongue:

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The lob bombing in the Sabre is worth the entrance price, great fun.

My tally on HPN last night.

  • Dora 1, lost it on takeoff, with @Fridge as my witness for the insurance claim. Learnt that locking the tail wheel helps greatly.

  • Dora 2, blew the engine in hangar (so odometer on this one 000000). I think I just didn’t give it enough time to warm up. Same issue on a MG B I broke once.

  • Dora 3, tried an Immelmann Turn at too low an altitude. I blame the metric system.

  • Dora 4, got a calendar notification on a 2nd monitor and sat there like an idiot wiggling the as now lost focus DCS controls in VR.

I then got an email from the Dora factory with the word ’STOP’.

  • Huey 1, sort of played bumper cars with @Wes’s parked aircraft. Broke bits off. Great fun, we should do a helo night!

  • Spitfire. Couldn’t start it as I forgot the wobble pump bit.

  • C101, thought we could twin cockpit it (was fun before) but DCS sort of died on me. Frame rate went down the toilet.

  • Sabre, no controls bound and no FPS in VR but fun to streak around like a piece of shined metal.

I’m glad I don’t pay per seat in DCS :slight_smile:


I read some history books that indicated the Germans were often running into ridgelines and losing control due to perusing calendars. I’m sure I read it somewhere… :thinking: Realistic!