Hornet Mini-Updates


Hey everyone,

This week’s Open Beta was focused on addressing the most-pressing D/L and IFF issues. It additionally addressed the wind-induced roll and added the HARM TOO TD box to the HUD.

For the next OB update the focus will be on:

1- HARM Pre-Briefed mode
3- Aircraft and Mission cards
4- Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode

There are a number of issues that will also get attention to include:

Countermeasure programming with WOW and flare counts
Master Mode auto-page selections
Default bombing mode error
AACQ logic
Map orientation
and others…

Please understand that these are the priorities and not a promise that all of these items will be ready for the 27 March OB.

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HARM in PB mode! You have warmed the cockles of this former intel officer’s heart. :hugs:


You can just cool those cockles, mister, I want to know when the next release update is going to be!

While I can guess the 20th I’ve not heard definitively and we’re already behind. I have a few friends who I play MP with and none of them are big on messing with the open beta branch. They find the usage of Skate’s tool to be too much hassle. Single-click efforts only here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So I’m eagerly awaiting a release branch update.


Maybe below the cockles,
Maybe in the sub cockle area,
Maybe in the liver, maybe in the kidneys,
Maybe even in the colon, we don’t know

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I am somewhat the same. I just went ahead and downloaded the Open Beta to get the Mig-19. So now I have both. When the Mig-19 hits the Stable version, I’ll just switch over.

PB HARM could be fun in fun in MP with the ELINT capability of the Viggen. Run a Vigge reece flight to get potential SAM emitter targets and then run the Hornets at them. Or maybe not if the PB has to be set in ME.


Hey everyone,

Probably in the next Hornet OB update, we will be adding two-factor identification. As most you probably know, a negative Mode 4 IFF response does not always mean hostile, just that it is not friendly. With the upcoming change, a negative Mode 4 IFF AND input from NCTR or a SURV track will be required to set an unknown to friendly or hostile.

Also, to reiterate from an earlier note: we are currently simulating just manual Mode 4 IFF, which requires a depress of the Sensor Select Control switch. Later, when we implement the AZ/EL page, we will add the automatic IFF Mode 4 interrogation modes. One of thes includes auto-IFF when a contact is an STT or L&S. The earlier auto-IFF with a target lock was a stop-gap until the more realistic system could be implemented (now ongoing).


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LTWS Update

One of the big items we are working on for the Open Beta next week is the introduction of Latent Track While Scan (LTWS). This is a sub-mode of Range While Search (RWS) mode that can be selected from the DATA sub-level (LTWS and MSI).

Even in RWS mode, contacts are in fact track files, but much of the data is hidden unless LTWS mode is selected. When selected, you can:
Soft lock a contact with a Target Under Cursor (TUC)
Designate a target to become the Launch and Steering (L&S) track file with airspeed, altitude, and MSI indications. This has a star HAFU symbol.
A second contact designation becomes the Designated Target 2 (DT2) and has the same information as the L&S but has a diamond HAFU symbol.
You can TUC a third contact as well.
It will be important to remember that LTWS has rather poor update for the weapons, so it cannot support a weapons launch. To launch, you will need to designate the target again to an STT track. Also because of this, you will want to use a narrower radar azimuth setting and lower bar setting (like 80-degree azimuth and 2 bars). If not, the target updates will be too slow, and tracks may be lost.

On the HUD, the box/diamond indicates the L&S line of sight and the “X” indicates line of sight to DT2.

LTWS will start to form the foundation of Track While Scan (TWS) which will be coming afterwards.



1- Update to IFF and D/L identification system

Next week we plan (not promise) a new Hornet Open Beta update that includes changes to the IFF/datalink identification system and introduction to Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) and the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM). JDAM in particularly is still very much work in progress with large elements to still add. This video is provided to provide you an initial understanding of these systems.

Please also note that the A/A radar is an iterative process from which LTWS will be built upon to create the Track While Scan (TWS) mode and the Azimuth / Elevation (AZ/EL) modes.

Once the AZ/EL page is created, then the various automatic IFF modes will be implemented.

Before you ask… the targeting pod will come after the HARM is complete.

Thanks, and have fun!


In the Open Beta this week, the option to drop Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) will be added for manual mode (GBU-38, GBU-21, and GBU-31(V)3/B. This allows basic employment through both Pre-Planned (PP) and Target of Opportunity (TOO) modes. Even in this early version, you can easily attack multiple targets in a single pass by assigning individual JDAMs to different PP mission targets.

Some notes:

We are currently using coordinate entry in the HDTH (hundredth of a degree) option. Later, we will add the THSD option (termed PRECISE when used in the HSI for waypoint entry/modification). As with the real aircraft, JDAM target entry using UTM is not an option (though it will be later to enter/modify waypoints via the HSI).

Later, AUTO delivery and much more detailed attack information will be added like the Launch Acceptable Region (LAR), dynamic launch zones, terminal attack option, launch points, release zones, JPF, BIT/MUMI pages, and multiple attack zones will be available.

GBU-32 (Mk-83 with JDAM kit) and BRU-55/A will be added later. The BRU-55/A will allow dual carriage of GBU-38, GBU-32, and AGM-154 JSOW.

Although not 100% complete, the Open Beta this week includes a greatly updated JDAM flight model and autopilot.

Thanks, and have fun!


Dope! Read the whole thing @smokinhole!


Thanks for the updates @NineLine! I am starting to fall behind :slight_smile:


Hornet Mini-Update


Hey everyone,

After talking with the team today, I’m afraid that we’ll have to push the JDAM back a bit for several reasons:

Still some issues to resolve in the flight dynamics and auto-pilot when the bomb is released near or at maximum range.

We need more time to test.

We need to ensure that this new code will not break any 3rd party aircraft.

We will though still have an Open Beta tomorrow that will include LTWS and other elements.

While we are all disappointed that we can release the JDAM tomorrow, there is just too high a chance of it causing significant DCS-wide problems. If all looks good, we plan to release the JDAM in an Open Beta on 10 April 2019.

In a related matter, we will be moving Hornet updates to a monthly event, rather than generally every two weeks. We simply need more time for proper testing to avoid bugs, break other products, and avoid the need for hot fixes. While waiting is always hard to do, this will ultimately provide a more stable and solid product.



Its cool bruh, aint like we dont have plenty other toys to play with :salute:


I’ll admit, I was quite saddened to hear this - I had planned up how I was going to try it out already!
However, please send the team my thanks for the hard work and progress - I am sure you all were not happy to have to make that decision, but I very much appreciate their commitment to quality control.

I’ll take the extra time to more carefully select my first run of target’s coordinates! :+1:


Perfect way to go about things. I am very happy with that


Hey everyone!

Apologies for the lack of Hornet news of late. I’ve been a bit unwell lately and the team has been focused on more difficult tasks, so progress has been slower.

The big items (in no particular order) that we are working on for the Hornet include:

  • Cleaning up the JDAM and adding new features to the JDAM
  • Adding the JSOW (already in internal test)
  • Add full simulation of GPS and INS alignment and navigation systems
  • PRECISE waypoint input mode
  • Correcting HARM guidance
  • MIDS for LTWS and TWS
  • Litening II targeting pod

Regarding PB mode for HARM, we decided to push this back for two reasons: 1- based on client feedback, the targeting pod is much more in demand, and 2- we first want to complete the new waypoint database system that will allow creating of PB points.

The next Hornet update is planned for May 8th.



I know I’d like one for sure :slight_smile: Keep up the great work folks.


Yay TPOD! looking forward to doing the LGB or lasermav thing like a hog going mach 1.2 :sunglasses:

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I’m more looking forward to actually making out what I’m trying to hit from 20k feet.


Great news @NineLine hope you feel beel better!

Since Hornet’s release I’ve dabbled in other modules, while updates were made - but in the past couple of months all I’ve done is fly the Hornet, I can’t get enough if it. There’s a feel and characteristic I don’t get anywhere else. It literally is the in-your-dreams version of the old Jane’s F-18.