HOTAS throttle issues with VR DCS F18C

Hello, I am new to the VR world. I have Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog replica A-10 throttle and joystick. I have downloaded Steam VR, VR A-10C, and VR F-18C. When flying the A-10C in VR, there are no issues with both the throttle and joystick. When flying the F-18C in VR and in free flight, the joy stick works but, the throttle does not. Originally, when I moved the throttle, it would adjust the pitch and yaw peddles but not the thrust. The aircraft throttle is locked into a position and cannot be moved using the HOTAS throttle. I have read a bit on how to program the throttle by deleting commands and adding some others to the “Thrust” cell but to no avail. Again, I am new to this so I am not sure how to get the throttle working when fling the F-18C in VR. Is it possible to get a step, by step process on what needs to be done to program the throttle correctly and address the throttle issues or, is the Thrustmaster throttle not going to work with the F-18C in VR and I will need to purchase a different throttle? Any and all help would be appreciated - THANKS!

just go into the settings tab at the top of the main screen, and you will find mapable controls for each aircraft, then under the axis tab you can set the different axis for your hotas… oh and welcome to Mudspike :grinning:

Thank you. I have done that and I end up needing to select “buttons” from the joy stick…slightly confusing.

when you pick your aircraft, there is a dropdown which contains different control groups, there are things like hotas, sensors, flight controls, and in there you will find a group called axis, in this group you will find things like roll, pitch, rudder and thrust Left and thrust right. there will also be at least four coloums of different controls (depending what you have connected to your PC) … find the coloum marked warthog throttle, then in the axis list find the thrust row and set the throttle as thrust L and thrust R

this may help

Thank you so much, let me see if I can get it fixed. I will let you know.

no prob, happy to help :slight_smile:

Ok, when I did that and went to Axis, I highlighted the throttle column, clicked on the thrust cell in that column on the “Thrust” line, then I click on Add, then I need to select a “button”. Not sure where to go from here. This is what was happening earlier. I see a”ThrustLeft” and a “Thrust Right” line also

Click the add button then move the throttle, it should show an axis like X or Y

Ok, did that and it came up with “joy RZ”.

I did that on the thrust line

I also see in the throttle designator controller joy and joy y. Not sure if that my be causing a conflict.

the Worthog throttle has split levers so you can assign one to thrust left and one to thrust right, once you have done it, if you move the throttle you should see a line moving in the box where you assigned the axis

Yahoo, I see the line. Let me see if the throttle moves when fling.

you can just go and clear the entry for designator control if its causing any conflicts, then just reassign which control you want to use for that function

Went to fly, same issue, the throttle does not move and only have a steady power/thrust.

does the line move in the in the box where you assigned the axis

Yes it does but, when I push the throttle forward, the line goes to the right, when I pull it back to stand by position, it goes all the way to the left. Starts in the center then goes back and forth from center.

That is Joy_RZ on the thrust line.

in that case it should work in the aircraft, i assume the joystick works all fine with roll and pitch?