How are we doing?

Hello fellow members. Just a mid-year feeler asking you guys if you feel you are getting a good value out of your subscription dues here at Mudspike :wink: ?

Many thanks to @fearlessfrog for his tireless quest to improve the site - it was pretty darn good to begin with, but his work in front of the scenes and behind the scenes have really made this whole Discourse forum software sing. Thanks as well to both the “staff” writers and the fantastic guest contributors we’ve had that have provided content for the main page. It is really cool to see some people with a great handle on things some of the rest of us are weak at (cough - me, air-to-air) step up and provide some great reading material for the rest of us. Thank you again for your efforts.

As well, thanks to the broader community for keeping the site positive and drama free.

We’ve had some great multiplayer events over the past year or so with DCS, Rise of Flight, and Arma events that were great fun in all aspects. Thanks again to the guys that put together these events, host them, write missions for them, and try to herd us cats around the setup, joining, and playing process. We are starting to build up a fun little community base for our multiplayer events.

While we can’t do everything you or we would like to do on the site - we are open to your suggestions on what types of events you’d like us to host and articles you’d like to read. We have some events in the planning phase right now - we’ll try to get some details out soon.

Thanks again for your participation on the site…

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth


I haven’t being receiving the monthly payments I was promised… Buy I’m sure they’re in the mail. :grinning:


I think it’s safe to say that Mudspike has become my new online home. The site looks great, with plenty of content and the forums are active and friendly. I’d say you are all doing a fine job. :sunglasses:


I like this forum very much.
Good job, y’all!


I’m quite happy here, and I hope to contribute more. This has also become my new home lol


I agree with the others. Y’all are doing a great job keeping a friendly, cordial atmosphere. The fact that so many industry devs feel comfortable casually dropping in for a chat speaks volumes about what you’ve done here.
This place is my first stop in the mornings, and had definitely my go-to home on the internet. Keep up the great work!


This community’s pretty great, to the point that I’m finding most of my single-player time in DCS is practicing things that will make me a better wingman in multiplayer.

Big thanks to @BeachAV8R, @EinsteinEP, and @fearlessfrog for keeping things running smoothly!


Only complaint I have is me forgetting to checking back in here sooner :smile: Thanks for finding the DiRT Rally video of mine, otherwise I’d still be in the dark thinking it was just AARS. YouTube analytics for the win this time :laughing: why does this laughing guy look so mad.


Mudspike finally managed to get me off my backside and actually do something. Whether we talk about skins, DCS stick-time or sharing interests… still it managed.

It’s one of the four tabs always open on my browser, both on PC and mobile.

Thank you all guys…


In the last half-year this website has become my favourite, earning a much coveted spot on the “new tab” page! I tend to contemplate the big questions of universe whilst sipping from my Mudspike themed coffee mug, browsing the Mudspike website.


I dunno really. For a so called aviation enthusiast site full of plane lovers… well there is too little talk about the f111… i don’t think you guys actually know about planes.



I think this site is second to none. You can come here and discuss our simulation hobbies in a cordial, constructive, adult manner. The articles and reviews are informative, interesting and exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to understanding what is going on in my hobby of choice.


It might be made in China. Hopefully the lead based paint isn’t leeching into your coffee. If I notice any behavior changes, I’ll be sure to bring it up… :thumbsup:


Thanks Paul - that is a great compliment. We can’t be everything to everyone, but we’d like to be a place where people can find a friendly atmosphere. I’m pretty impressed with the participation and varied backgrounds of the people we have contributing in the forums. The depth and breadth of the aviation, military, computer, and other areas of expertise are awesome.

When I used to spend a lot of time at SimHQ on staff I tried to make pains to remind people that I was a member first, staff second. The same is true here. Even though I’m with the other guys running the site, I consider myself a member first and I want to hang out with people who enjoy sims. The thing I’ve seen with developers, whether they are from ED, eSim Steel Beasts, FSX add-ons, or newcomers like CAP2…they are all big fans of simulation and they really do get a kick out of making stuff. I consider many of them friends.

Glad to hear it. Mudspike is usually my second stop each morning. I almost always check that Intellicast Radar first…gotta know what is lurking out there…LOL…

Me too! :smile:

We’ve decided to let @near_blind run a 12 month series on the F-14 that will dominate the site. 2018 might be the year of the F-111 if you lobby hard enough.

Thanks for the kind comments guys. Looking forward to continue to learn a lot from you guys…



Godangit! you will see the light. Nearblind has seen the light. F111 is so good that you can keep flying even when ejected…

Are we off topic here

But if i have to watch @near_blind year long presentation of the basterdised (and lets be honest the less sexy version) of the f111 with that thing called the tomgay or was it gaycat…

Well… i guess i may have to take a look. You know its genes were sprung fron greatness
:smiling_imp: :yum:


Is there anyway we can:

  1. The site can remember which sort preference (latest, category, new, etc.) was previously used?

  2. Can the latest section that got added to the categories preference be made optional? In the opinion of this sports fan it adds clutter that I’m not a huge fan of, and doesn’t contribute anything that the latest page doesn’t do better, which is now the default page any ways.



(1) I don’t think there is anything. I’ve personally set up bookmarks to the forum, i.e. Mudspike Forums - Mudspike Forums will always go to categories.

(2) There isn’t an option to turn it off and it was introduced in Discourse 1.6. If the majority of people here want it off I could hide it - we could set up a poll and ask?

(3) Live chat broke the login sessions, and when I raised the issue with the guy that developed the chat (for free, open source, in his own time) then he couldn’t recreate it so couldn’t fix it. I haven’t been able to fix it as yet. It’s not that we didn’t like the chat, it was just that the bug it caused of having to login in every time from scratch was really annoying.



Oh I’m aware of why it’s gone, I just feel like crusading for live chat is my feedback carthago delenda est. It was too pure, too innocent for this world :cry:

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Let me try putting it back on and we can see if the issue still exists. Both discourse and the plugin have had more updates than I could track, so maybe we get lucky. If it still causes the login then it might need to go visit the farm for a bit more.

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