How Big is DCS?

I just have to ask this question. How big is your install? I have a 500GB M.2 on my machine. I just had to delete DCS stable because DCS OB was getting so big. I could no longer update DCS OB. My Install is huge. Im not home right now buy I pretty sure it is over 200GB. Is this normal? When did games get so Huge? Maybe I have been living under a rock. I am contemplating buying a 1TB M.2… Just for DCS?
Maybe I just need to do a reinstall. My install is probably 2 years old. I need your feedback before I go doing something silly.



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200 GB seems reasonable, I only have maybe 1/2 of what I own in DCS installed and mine is at 114 GB.

I forget what the regular install size is, but the modules add up quick and make the overall size balloon.

The map assets are the biggest issue. The planes aren’t that big compared to maps.

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Steam recons about 80GB needed for a fresh install, that excludes assets downloaded at a later point.

Mine is at around 200GB with most of the modules.

205GB with almost all the modules and terrains.

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Don’t forget the upcoming Syria map and Mi-24 as well!

i Am at 213 Gigs. But i own everything.

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Stop…stop talking about it…its too much to think about! I’m gonna have a full fidelity Tomcat AND a Hind soon. Too much…

Keeping on topic mine is about 140gig and I don’t have normandy


Mine weighs in at a nice and fat 208Gb and 23Gb in /saved games/DCS.

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Clean that up, damn!
That’s a mountain of screenshots and track files.

Lol yes mom, I will. Mostly skins tho. And an A-4.

Approved! Lmao.

Always bugs me that tracks can eat up so much space, and in MP we can’t choose to or not to save them - eats into the SSD write limit a bit.

“DCS is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to DCS.”

Mine is 157 and I don’t have Normandy, the Channel, any WWII beyond the P-51, and only half the others I think.


WOW! 157 and no WW2. Guess it is BIG!

The biggest folder is the mods folder, it has the terrains and your aircraft in it. Mine is 100GB.
It’s split about 16GB aircraft and 83 for my 3 terrains (Black Sea, NTTR, PG).

The 2nd largest is the CoreMods folder which contains all the objects that are in DCS that you don’t own.

I don’t know why I have 1.5GB for the C-101, which I’ve never even done a trial with let alone owned, or 2.5GB for the Christen Eagle II (ditto). China asset pack is over 4.5GB and I don’t own the JF-17, but I did try it that month.

So, bottom line is every terrain you own makes a significant chunk of the install, while each plane isn’t much but they do add up.

JedyMaser, you nailed it. I want an install with only WW2, and a Korea…ect ,ect… good stuff!

I want all of the things. I want my DCS to grow, grow GROW until it fills terabytes of space with chopperymappyjetty goodness. I want old jets, new jets, big jets, small jets russian jets, murrican jets, chinese jets all of the jets. I want the choppers and the poppers and the propjobs wont be snobjobs to me. Get me the maps. Of the places. All of the spaces that give rise to races. MOARRRR!!!


Somehow I can’t picture trying to stream the terrains from ED ala MSFS2020 would work too well, though.

The new content delivery network they are working with might be able to handle it - CDN77.