How British SOE Sabotaged the Italians in WWII

This popped up on my reddit, and I found it an interesting read:

One of the most successful coups the British Special Operations Executive pulled off during WWII was actually against the Italians.
In early 1941, a seemingly small idea was put forth as a way to interfere with the Italian Army in North Africa, and damage coordination between the Italians and the Germans. The idea posed little risk, and seemed easy enough to pull off, so it was quickly approved. No one could have known how successful it would be. The basic idea was to create a German-Italian military phrase dictionary with subtle errors inserted, print hundreds of them on Italian paper stock from before the war with artificially aged inks, and covertly slip them into the Italian supply chain in North Africa.


Awesome find. I have already forwarded that link to some mates who are still serving (including an instructor at our Int School).

I am sure it will be used to highlight the ‘think outside the box’ that is drummed into new recruits… and sometimes old timers who need to be reminded :wink:


I also just learned there’s a new series on the SAS in NA coming out on BBC. I know what I’ll be binging once it hits streaming services!

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Hypothetically, If someone used a VPN and set their location to somewhere in the UK they would be able to watch it now on BBC’s iPlayer :wink:

Edit: Just been confirmed for a second season. Awesome, I hoped they weren’t going to finish it with the capture of Stirling.


OoOoh! That I did not know… thanks!

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