How is your World Cup (2018) team doing?

Aw, c’mon Beach! Get your ass in gear!

You did your linebacker nickname justice. Italy didn’t even qualify! :smiley:

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wot? … just sayin’ :smiley:

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I go slow for long distance as opposed to fast for short distance. I’m a plodder. :turtle:

Might this help? …

Don’t try to find your passion … you need to develop it. :slight_smile:

So, um, what happened to Italy? (I’m just a bandwagon jumper here) :slight_smile:

Too many parties…


It was kind of a big deal, Italy being out, but in the end they didn’t win enough qualifying rounds to be in the cup. That’s whats cool about this year. The great traditional teams are not doing too well and there are some surprises coming along. Iceland was in the cup and it’s a semi-professional team!

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Thanks for the synopsis @taubkin. Now I’m going to feel a little bit sad when Germany annihilates Brazil! :smiley:

I have fond memories of living in Suffolk as a child, so will cheer for England. We’ve had a sentimental rooting for Peru, as our nanny is from Lima. But they will not make the cut.

You’re sucked into the culture now. Start as an assistant coach for Kai and learn about the game. There has to be Soccer for Dummies, and many adult leagues encourage new players. Of course like any sport worth participation, there is most likely no beer consumed post match :smiley:

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We won’t give you such taste! (Well probably get eliminated tomorrow on our own :joy:)

My god, is that actually you in your profile picture @taubkin? You actually look bitter! Still WAY sexier than @Tankerwade tho.

Wait, what did you think my post up there was for?! :fearful:

We totally deserved not being qualified, TBH.
Terrible choices and that smug-filled contempt for other teams in interviews…

Maybe this time someone will learn a bit of humility.

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Funny fact I don’t know why but this photo came up automatically when I registered. Its me around 10 years ago! :slight_smile:

Game day!

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You probably added it using gravatar, which has some fancy magician ways of being included a bunch of places and auto recognizing you when you use the same email / username or whatever. It’s arcane.


I found the team @fearlessfrog is rooting for…(less diving, more fighting):


lol wtf is that

You know…I don’t know. LOL. At first I thought it was a half-time joke at a hockey game…but look at the net and the penalty box and stuff…


OK, were’ getting closer to speedball-2 but there’s still a few small steps.

Go on…

Ready for Germany today!