How is your World Cup (2018) team doing?

This is from German TV. I didn’t catch it when it was broadcasted but it looks like an event from entertainer and producer Stefan Raab.

He’s known for inventing new sports (like sitting in wok on a luge track) or adopting existing sports (diving from 10m, demolition derby with old cars) and making big TV events with local celebrities out of it.

This seems to be football in a hockey rink :wink:
There are two known teams from Hamburg playing in the clip.

Whew…props to South Korea…they totally outplayed Germany…! Congrats to Mexico…

What did just happen?

South Korea 2-0 Germany

Like, whatever… no joy for me this year…

My eyes received the data but my brain could not yet process.

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Germany is pants.

Joachim low is done.

Germany did not play like Germany.
They have a lot of good players, but I don’t think they were a team. There has been a lot of switching players in and out for the friendlies and qualifying matches. They don’t have a lot of playing with the same players.

There were so many chances, but they didn’t execute.

Werner did not have an explosive year at Leipzig like he did in 2016. Muller has been down on goals for the past few years. Sandro Wagner was rejected when the final lineup was made. Perhaps his aggressiveness at the front might have cleared up the box for more shots on goal.

Yeah…I thought they might have just not had some luck. They had so many shots on goal that were just barely high or wide. They just didn’t fall for them. And it seemed like Korea was more motivated to get down their end of the field on the run…

Ops… :brazil:

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Oh, how the once mighty have fallen.

Looking forward to ENG v BEL tomorrow.

Leroy Sane being left off was also…not sane. He was only a thirty goal scorer for a team that went wire to wire in the Premier league…Ozil looked terrible…

It is El Tri’s time

A friend and I was watching the second half during an early lunch at work…ahem. We both commented that Ozil wasn’t into today’s match. Looked disinterested and out of gas. Werner was terrible today. It was like the whole team wasn’t really interested in being there. Maybe there’s some internal team issues we don’t know about.


They were…not dire but not far away from it either.
They looked slow and without ideas. I really disliked how they played.

Not one of them was bad…
…no, they were all bad.

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Senegal d. Colombia
Japan d. Poland
Belgium d. England
Tunisia d. Panama

My predictions aren’t going so well with 15 minutes left in the first two games… haha

Wow, the bottom half of the knockout bracket is definitely the weaker side. England should want to lose to Belgium.

England would then have Colombia, likely Sweden, and Spain/Croatia en route to the final. Way easier than Japan, Brazil, France…

Noooo…win everything, win all the things. Trying to lose at any stage of the tourney is a bad idea.

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Well of course. I’d never suggest they SHOULD do that. Probably a poor choice of words since I actually wrote that. But it’d definitely be the easier path. They’re done if they beat Belgium, won’t even make the semis.