HP Reverb G2

I highly recommend holgers FSR mod. Sure, it doesn’t look as good as stock DCS but spotting is way easier, it allows me to use 2xMSAA, high cockpit textures, high visibility range, 16xAF, medium water, clouds high with everything else on low or off all while maintaining 60+FPS in VR. I could turn off MSAA and then maintain 90fps in SP and most MP missions but it’s looking terrible with quite a bit of jitter. 80% in Steam VR, 1.1 PD in DCS
here’s the github

DCS badly needs native OpenXR (as used by MSFS). Back in 2016 when The Rift and Vive hit the streets, ED were quick to implement VR and it was amazing, but fast forward to 2021 and they haven’t kept up in this aspect (imho). You really need to be able to jump in and out of VR in the same session. Briefing and planning missions is much better suited to 2D on a nice big screen while flying itself is much better in VR. Having to choose one or the other when you launch DCS is not ideal, especially when MSFS allows us to do this. This aspect alone has resulted in me hardly ever flying DCS anymore.


I have a 3080ti on a 9600K 32GB and I am not having major performance problems, running 1.0 PD and 100% in steam…

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Thanks for the sanity check. Yeah there is something wrong with my setup, I’m convinced. Started backing up my files this morning. Will try a clean windows install, maybe even go to windows 11 if I feel specially masochistic and start from there…

I had to do a complete reinstall recently, when I suffered from blackouts in VR.
I feel your pain! But sometimes it’s easier to nuke it and start all over…

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taubkin, the thing to remember with the G2 and VR in general, is that it is still very much a work-in-progress technology, that most times feels more art the science. Eye of Newt, as @fearlessfrog likes to say. It took me a while and a system upgrade to where I was using VR most of the time while simming. IMHO, VR in DCS is pretty stable at the moment, while MSFS is still a moving target.

The small sweet spot adds to the frustration, because every time you move just slight off lens center, things begin to get cloudy and you begin tweaking the fit and adjusting IPD.

But hang in there. You will develop practices and settings that all come together to give you an amazing experience. After a while, VR will become more spontaneous and less of a mystery. You’ve already got the right system to get there.

To paraphrase a great movie, if you look around and find yourself in simulation Elysium Fields, that is because 2D is already dead for you :smile:

Edit: In DCS, for me, these two add-ons improve the experience. The first is a visual enhancement, the second for performance.


After all, it’s the only way to be sure. :sunglasses:


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The NIS shader in MSFS is working really well @chipwich - give it a go if you haven’t already. Start with 100 in-sim / 100 explicit in OpenXR and use the defaults it comes with. Nvidia Image Scaler - #7 by fearlessfrog

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:laughing: ! Best sequel ever done, IMO.


So… Is it worth the upgrade from the Reverb G1? There is a sale on for $599 CDN (30% off) and I am tempted.


It was not for me, honestly.


That’s highly subjective and probably more of a “how often am I displeased with my G1” question. Honestly, the last time that I tried my G1 with the updated drivers, the image quality was looking pretty close to the G2. You might want to buy Bitcoin instead and wait for the next generation.


I upgraded, here’s mini pro/con list:


  • Better ergonomy for my head
  • IPD adjustment
  • Better audio
  • More flexible cable (also longer)


  • Sweet spot subjectively smaller in G2 (new prescription lenses may have effect)

It’s about 12.5% better, maybe? :frog: About 8% of that is nicer audio, although they are open earphones if you don’t want to wake the cat up.

If you have prescription lenses you might have to buy them again, as I think the lens changed shape.

I changed because my G1 died, but if it hadn’t I don’t know if I would spend the money.


For me, coming from an Odyssey+, everything was better. However, the build quality of the G2 is average; cheapest hardware they can put in it, perhaps minus the lenses?. That has been my experience with HP hardware for the last 25 years. Was hoping the VR headset might be better.


A nice surprise for my G2.

I got the G2 more than one year ago with the v1 power cable. I had issues time to time (connecting errors, intermittent audio…) though restarting and some fiddling usually got it straight.

One day (few weeks back) I decided enough was enough and got in touch with the retailer I bought it from (Bestware.com - located in Germany) to ask for a replacement cable. The thing was I was already out of the HP warranty period which lasted for one year. I thought in the EU we got a warranty for two years so I was a bit surprised.

Anyway, I asked nicely the customer service in Bestware whether they could get in touch with HP and deal with my request and…
…they actually did. They said that HP would provide the cable nonetheless, only it would take some time (in terms of weeks).

Today I got a package :slight_smile:


(I hope it works. If not, you will hear back from me… EDIT: It does :slight_smile: )


I like the new cable a lot…a big improvement on the first version. The on/off switch on the box saves a lot of hassle when the headset needs to be reset.


well I noticed the new WMR Interface works better then the old one did I had installed my G2 and had no issues like before, I even have v1 of the cable.

I also would like to say in DCS I can only muster the lowest setting on the G2 for resolution. I had gotten to 30% but then I ran the instant action in Syria and needed to lower the setting for a better overall usage…

I think the res is like 1440x1400 or close to it. what you guys run at. I am on a 1070GTX FTW… would love to find a 2080ti well if I had the money that is… :wink:

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Oof that’s rough. Are you using the vrperfkit to squeeze some more pixels out of it? You can get about 25% more pixels for the aame performance using this:

I would suggest going into the yml file and using NIS scaler, setting renderScale to 0.67, then setting DCS to 1.5x more pixels in SteamVR.
If you also prefer instruments clarity over smooth terrain outside, up sharpness to 0.8 in the yml.

Then copy both yml and dll file into DCS’ bin folder.

Repeat the copying after each DCS update