HP Reverb G2

Same here! After not using the G2 for a while I picked it up a few days back and found the speaker crackling .
Thanks for the vid!

Very timely. I have just started getting the same issue, but mine is the left headphone and only when I move/adjust it.

I didn’t even think it might just be a dirty contact, I will pick up some cleaner next time I am in town.

Thanks heaps.


I thought is was a broken wire. Nope! I used alcohol and Q tips. Just saying… Glad this helped.
I am getting contact cleaner and keeping it on standby. I Will happen again.

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I recently upgraded from Rift S to Reverb G2 and I’m looking for advice please on how to take screenshots without ending up with the dual images.

In the Rift it output a single image to the PC monitor while in VR and hitting the screenshot key would give me a usable shot. But I can’t wotk out how to get the same in the G2. Monitor displays bino images and screenshots end up with that same double image.

Searching doesn’t seem to help, as all the advice seems gto be about using the controllers to take screens, but I’m using an X56 and not using the controllers at all.

Any advice welcomed!

Are you using the OpenXR Tool Kit? If so, the screenshot function results in a pretty good image.

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Edit: i just realized this is posted in Varjo Aero. I meant to post it in the HP G2 section.
While Stevie giggles away thanks to his investment, i have extended the life of my G2 and fallen in love with Warbirds and Viper missions over Syria.
I will warn you. He is wordy and i found it hard to watch at times. Tip: skip the first few minutes. But the results were unbelievable. I basically ditched OpenXR and went back to Steam. All i can say is WOW!!! 80-90 fps over Syria or Channel maps.
I might get another year out of my G2!!
I just realized i havent tried the Normandy 2 map…
Here is the link.

Im hoping you guys have feedback on this.


Just got a cup of coffee and will watch the video now…

Yeah, ok… He’s basically using the open composite OpenXR API instead of the DCS OpenXR and then use SteamVR to lower the resolution of the HMD. Then he sets DCS to low settings, and gets good FPS.
I don’t quite see why he couldn’t do just the same with the DCS native OpenXR and OpenXR ToolKit. But hey, if it works, it works.

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It disagrees with some things I have been told to do. Eg msa x4 and anistrophic off. This says do the opposit. Your views would be welcome @Troll

Thanks for posting that @Maico

And then, the skys opened up and i was FINNALLY able to MT. Thats right… after this i can multithread. It gets 45fps solid. Visual quality, Check! Stability, Check!

@Troll. Thank you for putting it in English i can understand. Much appreciated.

@Scoop. Im glad it helps others. Its rekindled my love for my G2.


Just tried this with my usual [latest] test scenario: Syria, on the SC deck; sunrise; broken clouds = a reasonable test scene IMHO.

Stuff from the YT did seem to help a little.

I’ve never tried messing with down/up-scaling before. And I used CAS as he did in the video. I keep a pretty clean system so it wasn’t a huge gain. FWIW I have the same GPU and headset he does with a 5900X from AMD.

I’m starting to feel that MT isn’t that much smoother for me than ST - WHEN there’s nothing going on; just you and the trees/rocks/water. When there is something happening in the ‘world’ it does seem to help significantly. All as I expected when MT was fist announced.

Vulkan anyone? :wink:


Testing today w out MT. Water medium is almost as beautiful as Water High. There seems to be a big difference in performance too. Im sticking to Med water.


I’m hip. Water = LOW is, under certain conditions, (in VR) almost disorientating; flying over a gray-blue-green bowl of soup. Or something like that.

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Question; Can i run Multi Threading at 90 fps? When i tried it, its always locked at 45fps…
Maybe i need to put the MT icon in the Nvidia management panel. Uhmmm

@jross. YES!! Low water is very disorienting. I cant do it.

Last week the left speaker started acting up. I could not fix it. Now this just happened.

I think its time for a new headset…


Sad to see @Maico

Which headset is on your radar?

Thank you. I guess Varjo Aero is the new thing…

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Have a look at the Pimax Crystal too… It’s getting great reviews. I admit I haven’t been able to follow all the youtube influencer vids, but the ones I have watched shows real promise.

Uhmmm, worth considering. Thanks !

checked the features, is 4090 capable to run it at least at 30fps ? :smile:

have to watch the vids for sur