HP Reverb Redux

Look what just arrived via FedEx!


First obvious improvement is they have added a clip to further secure the cable between the HMD and the computer. Cable is still the thick and beefy one…not nearly as comfy as the Rift and O+ cables…


All looks good with this version 1.00000000001 headset or whatever they are calling it. HP has been fairly vocal through their reps that the hardware issues have been addressed and fixed, but there was no version update other than serial numbers and production dates. So far so good though.

I took a through the lens shot of the MU-2 this morning with my O+ and one just now with the Reverb. O+ still has better colors and black levels, but the Reverb crushes the O+ on clarity and resolution.


Reverb… Reverb photo has a smaller sweet spot because I was very worried about scratching the lens with my phone camera. I did nick my last one by doing that…so I’m leaving it further off the lens, which makes the edges blurrier quicker. FYI…


At the center, that’s very sharp! What IPD is the headset optimized for? I’m guessing 64mm.

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Hmm…I can’t remember. I’m and IPD of 68 and it looks pretty good to me.


It looks… :flushed: so sweet…

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In looking this morning, it looks like 63 is optimal with +/- 8 apparently on the software IPD (I have no idea what software IPD does…but a physical IPD adjustment seems like it would be way better).

I measure a 68 also. I’m guessing that after some time our ocular muscles will relocate our eyeballs nearer our nose.

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So Beach, what are you doing regarding glasses and the Reverb?
Widmovr still shows coming soon for the Reverb, but vroptician does have some in stock. It looks like there are some adaptor plans for 3d printing as well.

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I got mine from them and they work nicely. It took about one week to produce them and couple of days to ship (within Europe).

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So after about 20 minutes seeing the Reverb screen shots…the time spent rolled up into the fetal position and softly sobbing over my decision to go with the Rift-S…I’m back at my laptop and ready to ask a question or two.

It does not need external reflectors?

There is a Professional version with 114º lateral view. Is that what you got?

Hmmmm. Lots of 68’s here (well at least 3 of us)… I’m starting to think the 64mm average is a sham. :thinking:

Either that or we will all become cross-eyed! :dizzy_face:

So I just broached the idea of perhaps sending back the Rift-S and getting a Reverb Redux in its place, with my lovely bride…

Lovely Bride - “Isn’t that the one that blew-up what’s-his-name’s [@BeachAV8R’s] computer?”

Me - “Yes?” :grimacing:

Lovely Bride - checking the Amazon account, “The return window closed yesterday.”

I guess we will wait a while.

BTW, how do you get pics from inside the headset? I have tried sticking the camera in but the VR turns off if my big noggin isn’t in there too.

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The difference between pro and regular is mostly the warranty and the length of the cable.
I’m thinking about going for the Reverb, but I need to read up some more on the Index.

I think it also has a different pad for the face. Leather for the pro and some sort of foam for the consumer version.

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You might like to check this thread (still a live one):


Very interesting! Thanks!

Reverb FTW.

Edit. Read further down… Maybe not…? :thinking:

Yeah, it will be a difficult call in the end… :roll_eyes:

Chiliwili69 seems to prefer the Index due to a number of factors. Performance-wise… I don’t know. I run the Il-2 almost all the time on ASW (FPS pegged on 45) and it seems to be butter smooth to me.

Not having tried the Index myself, I can’t compare of course.

Anyways, I am totally sold on the visual clarity. You can see that also in his pictures at the beginning of the thread (the He-111 and the placards in particular).

Good luck in making the right decision :laughing::+1: (even though I think you can’t go wrong with any of the two).