Hurricane Dorian

Rainfall totals for the Carolinas if (big IF!) the most current GFS track comes true. I can tell you from experience, from Richmond through Raleigh to Florence and Charleston…any significant rain in those areas tends to stay exactly where it falls. Hopefully the storm moves fast enough to perhaps lighten up those predicted totals.

Oh damn that’s a big one.

Time to load up Active Sky and try doing some touch and gos at First Flight…(well…in a couple days…)

Maybe a good thing is that its been a dry summer for South east NC. Hopefully the ground can soak up some of that rain.

In Florida it was the opposite, they had a very wet summer so ground was already saturated. Still a lot of uncertainty in the track though. Let’s hope it just turns out to sea where it belongs.

Have you notched that the pictures of the clouds in Dorian look gray …
…get it…Oscar Wide…no?…nothing…well, he can be a difficult read.


…thats why listening to it as audio book atm.

All the luck to all affected.

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The governor of SC has ordered our zone a mandatory evacuation beginning at noon today. Must prep the house before bugging out. Let the fun begin.

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Good luck, stay safe!
Fingers crossed that all your property will still be there and undamaged when you return.

Yeah…I saw that. My brother and his family are also in a mandatory evacuation area I believe (east of Highway 17 - Horry County, SC). I wonder if he will leave. He lives right in that Market Common area at the old Myrtle Beach AFB.

Looks like the storm (according to the experts) is undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle…

Some sort of Lasik surgery?:wink:


Latest GFS has it raking the coast up until Charleston or so. Maybe the land interaction and speed will lessen the impact…


Looks like I’ll be taking the main off and doubling up the lines…on the plus side, Wednesday night racing should be awesome!

So @BeachAV8R, you want us all to hunker down at you place? We can all bring our VR sets and play Star Trek Bridge Command. :grin:


Photos/video please!

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Wow…this is apparently Freeport International Airport…now a sea-plane airport…

Oh my. Poor souls.

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Pretty amazing photo, I bet the ride in and out was even better.

Insane that Grand Bahama is still getting pounded.

Stay safe, guys!

Best wishes. Hope you all stay safe.

Have I read well? Dorian was de-classed to Category 3?
I mean, it’s still fearsome but… it’s better, right?