I actually got to click the BUY button on a 3090!

Sorry to hear you were not successful Troll, your experience was kinda like mine before I got one, keeping a careful eye on various sites ETC … it was a text tip from a friend led me to mine that on Ebuyer UK had two in stock, went for it like greased lightning and it was confirmed, then followed a slight issue where it seemed to have went walkies by courier, but some angry words later to their CS it arrived a week overdue, was worried though, £1600, and I thought that £200 above RRP was cheek, but hey … phew, amazing card, do keep looking and trying though, it really is a killer card, especially if you do VR I imagine that I don’t any-more … but awesome for regular 4K screen for me with even the most demanding games and sims.

By pure coincidence, a local courier guy was in our news this week for stealing parcels, seen him deliver to my door before, wonder if it was him that held on to my card long after it should have been here and he suddenly found it again when I rocked the barrel ???

I understand the 3090’s are far more expensive than the £1600 I paid for mine now if you can find one, dedicated water-block ones even more so presumably? Am sure you know what you are doing, but maybe consider a normal fan cooled one, perhaps not an FE one, those coolers do not look to good to me, but one with a different 3 fan air cooling solution like mine has, I don’t hear it, indeed the fans are inactive at idle and temps are fine, monitored its usage, it doesn’t get that hot no matter what I do … well within spec for sure, much better new full tower case cooling helped that too of course.

Also, if you do that and get lucky for a 3090, you can always add a water-block later, but there might be the warranty issue, I think EVGA and one or two others allow you to change to a water-block and keep warranty … please check small print if you do this.

Hearing rumours of the 3080 Ti coming back again, but not overly sure on the details, only put my ear closeto the ground when about to upgrade tech wise and wont be doing that again for a while, extremely happy with my main rig these days and hopefully next couple of years at least.

Good luck, hope you get one soon.


Thanks, @B12!
I will get one eventually. Not paying a scalper for it, though. :wink:


Yeah… My potato rig is slowly on it’s last legs… Time to find new hobbies I suppose! Flying suddenly looks affordable :wink:


Slight deviation from the topic, sorry. I saw this on the BBC News site today:

BBC News - Sandwell Bitcoin mine found stealing electricity

I had two reactions:

  1. Bitcoin mining is now serious enough that organised crime are taking an interest, and
  2. Organised crime? More like disorganised crime looking at their (lack of) cable management!

Aaaand we have a winner!

Celebrate Mr Bean GIF by Working Title

I managed to buy a 3090!
It’s a Inno3D with water block. I don’t know anything about Inno3D and that plastic water connector at the top doesn’t instill confidence.
There’s a two week return policy on anything bought by post order, so I can cancel this.

Talk me out of it.

So, I guess this was the moment the silicon gods were waiting for… Troll got his GPU, you can lower the prices and resume normal production again.


You absolute madman. Now do tell, how much did you have to fork over? :joy:


I’m not finished shoveling gold bars yet… :wink:
Around $3400. It’s a lot of money, but they are expensive over here, and extremely hard to come by. The shop got a handful of cards that were gone in a couple of minutes. I have been saving up to this too.


nice, congrats! I see that you are a very courage guy and not have the fear of a leak in the water cooling that will spill water on the mother board and will produce so much sparks and short circuits that will make the experience like a tiny 4 Jully party inside your pc case :smiley:

Anyway i wish you good luck and all the best and the money worth!


Holy cow! Good to hear you got what you wanted :+1:

From what kind of GPU are you upgrading?
Will you be able to run some sim-related benchmarks (DCS, MSFS) to show us before/after performance in VR?

Fine if not, I can understand the feeling of having to put it in asap :grinning:


Yeah… That’s always a possibility. But I have been watercooling for several years now.


I have a 1080TI and I really should do some simple VR benchmarks. Although my mobo doesn’t support PCIe 4, so I won’t be able to use its full potential, yet. Need to look into building a new computer all toghether.


Good lord, that’s more than my whole PC, probably more than my whole setup, including MFG Crosswinds, WH HOTAS, TIR and TM Cougar MFDs :rofl:

In any case I am still a little jealous but I will not pay these insane prices. I rather buy a nice camera lens for that kind of money.

I’ll just wait. My 2070 should be able to hold out a little longer (please don’t die, please don’t die, please don’t die^^) :crazy_face:


I know… It’s not justifiable, so I won’t even try. :wink:

I wouldn’t know what to do with a camera lens… :laughing:


Well there is no justification for me buying pro grade photography gear either when there is much cheaper stuff that does a decent enough job. I still do it anyway :laughing:


Well, looking at the pics you post, I’d say that’s a questionable statement… :slight_smile:


I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if I just used semi pro gear that costs less than half as much as for example this lens:

Aaaaanyway, is there a badge for derailing a topic? :joy:


Congrats on finding one.

This is where I planned to go myself. I wonder though about getting a ‘normal’, air-cooled (Ref.Card even) and doing the water-block myself. I did this with my current card (GPU only actually) and it was only $30. So my thinking was I’d save a bit over the markup from the AIB on the water cooling bits.

Yeah, not sure how much sense that makes but, current conditions shacked my budget.


I was going to do this myself, if I got hold of an air cooled 3090 first.
And frankly, the plastic inlet on the Inno3D card I just bought, looks fragile. Better not introduce any bending forces on those hoses…

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Hmmm, you made look (diggin out the flashlight) - yup, it seems the joints on both my GPU and CPU - the ‘elbow-looking’ bits - are plastic, where the hoses connect. Pretty hefty plastic though. Fingers crossed.

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Same boat in terms of “rather shift to other hobbies than play the over-heated-market game”. My 7 year old CPU and 1070 are still generally getting the job done though.

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