I bought a PS2

Had a weird week at work.

Monday: drive 2 hours and get loaded. Drive 1 hr and wait for unloading. FOR 23HRS!!!

rest of week : repeat.

Now, this might seem like an easy week. I don’t disagree. However it was boring beyond my wildest dreams and complete torture.

Day 2 had me sat on ebay. Bidding frantically on PS2 consoles and copies of Metal Gear solid 1 2 3. I managed to get all of this delivered to my door in great condition for £28.99. I’m over the moon. I haven’t played number 2 since i was 16.

I’ve been using emulators and I can’t get a copy of 2 to work and 3 needs to use pressure sensitive controllers of ps2 so it is impossible to complete. I managed to get all 3 games and a proper working console (with a HDMI connection thrown in) for less than i could buy a ps3 controller for. I am SO SO happy.

Not to darken the mood. But the reason I want to play number 2 so badly is this. I was 16 when my dad died. I had nobody at home as my mum lived too far away to come down immediately and there was some other stuff going on that I won’t get into, but the day he died I rode my little motorbike back from the hospital and wondered round the house in a bit of a state (obviously) I couldn’t sleep or eat or anything useful. So I put on MGS 2 and turned my phone off and sat and played the whole thing through in one sitting. I got up for a pee twice. I played it through and when the credits rolled at the end I genuinely felt a lot better and instantly fell asleep.

I’ve never forgotten that feeling of absolute clarity and calm afterwards. The healing started as soon as I put the controller down. Might sound a bit silly as I’m writing it out and reading it back but I just thought it was a nice idea to play it again after 18 years. Especially as I’ve just finished MGS5. I’ll let you all know what I think.



You also get to Ace Combat! The ps2 ACs are so good!

I hope you don’t get too much of a psychological backlash when replaying msg2. You be careful bud.


Ironically they actually emulate ok. Few glitches but pretty playable.

I bought it obi as well. The ps2 controller is smaller and fits in his hand better. Got him spyro and some other gems to play

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I’ve never been a console guy but the PS2 and some of its games are just legendary. :slight_smile:

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That was the post of the month @Victork2! Thank you. Now to belittle your heartfelt share with yet another dreaded Netflix plug. “High Score” tells the story of video games from the beginning. Every player and coder speaks to the power of games to free oneself from one’s self. It’s a celebration. I think it might be some of the best writing I’ve seen on Netflix. Your story would have made it even better.


The PS2 was awesome. Some of my standouts were MGS2, Ace Combat, Ridge Racer 5, Gran Turismo 3… Plus I had a few PS1 games that I played on there, like the MGS VR Missions, which were super.

So many other cool games that I tried on the PS2 magazine demo discs, but never did buy.

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Tomb Raider. Even today, when my wife makes herself tea with a nice cup and saucer, the clinking sound reminds me of the opening chapter where Lara’s butler follows her around with a noisy tea-set. Why is that my most potent memory of such a great game? No idea.

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