I found ya'll.


I have been out of the sim loop for quite some time. Visited my old sim home, and found it smells of onions, tears and vinegar. I have better discussion of sim topics on Facebook groups. FACEBOOK!:roll_eyes: Some searching I saw a lack of prominent members active. Did they all leave the hobby behind as I did? Getting back into DCS I came here, and lo and behold, I see familiar names! And it does not smell like bitter sadness here. I feel home.

Same user name at SimHQ since 2000, some may remember me, wasn’t a big poster. But I did compete in a sim 24 hours of Le Mans with Chipwich once. I think we came in second. Had an alien on the team. Drove a Zonda.


Welcome. Best Sim forum on the net.


Yep, I remember you over there. Now, here’s better. Enjoy


Welcome. We have bunch of air fresheners here. :smiley:


@GrimDeath Welcome. Yes, this is where the adults hang out. :wink:


Welcome @GrimDeath . Yes, this place is a breath of fresh air. For the most part we are all pretty upbeat here. I don’t venture onto the other site these days. Way too much negativity and life is just far too short. Glad you found us!


Oh hell yeah @GrimDeath. We kicked ass in that underdog Zonda didn’t we? Or more likely it was a case of the last cars standing. Trying to remember who the third driver was. Ktel?

Anyway, glad to have you found MUDSPIKE. Great bunch of like minded lads here.


Hi, I remember you over at SimHQ (I was MaceUK33 there) and I’ve just recently come back to simming too and was told about this place and all the good, old names are here without the bitter ones!

Welcome :blush:


Welcome to Mudspike, Mr. @GrimDeath!
We do try to discuss sims, games and other things that makes us happy. :slight_smile:


Welcome! Your coat goes over there and please grab a cup of coffee, there’s a lot of space still.
Have fun!


Welcome aboard! No idea who you are but then again I never was active on SimHQ :slight_smile:


Hey GrimDeath

I believe we played some Chromehounds with PositiveG and dude163 and others from simHQ way back in the day


That game was pretty awesome…


Yes we did. We were pretty good too.


Still can’t believe +G is gone. :frowning:

I also miss the early days of racing there when it was casual rfactor fun. Once some people started getting too serious about it and bumping up the difficulty it ceased to be fun for me. I don’t just race. I don’t just fly. I don’t just play any type of game. I survey game. :wink: FPS, RTS, strat, sims, RPGs… That naturally means I don’t get too serious about any of them, not enough hours in the day!


I only heard amazing things about him…


Welcome, this place is great!


Hey GrimDeath - glad you found us. We have a great group here. Low key - we try to stay light on the drama and focus on the things we all enjoy. Those were some great memories at SimHQ. I don’t know if was the same year we did the 2.4 Hours Le Mans…but what a bunch of fun. I remember practicing with Chunx, Jens, tpm007, 20mm and @guod - what a bunch of fun…

Good grief…look at all those pixels…! LOL…


I think that’s you in this one @JediMaster - I was eternally being passed and lapped by Chunx and Jens… And @chipwich is in there (CompUSA car??)


LOL…and this video of The Deuce… Fun times…