I Hate Crafting!


The obvious answer is to have a pair of LE officers there, separated by 20 feet, so one can always cover the other. :slight_smile:


Write them out, and I’ll be happy to answer them. Great movie, but I haven’t watched it in a while. The only one I remember is the guns jumping through the air. Sadly, no.

And on topic: I’m a fan of crafting when it’s topical to the game. The Witcher where on higher difficulties you really have to, to have a chance of winning battles is good example. Heck battletech collecting salvage for new mechs. Get real old school with the Mech Commander series, where you had to have salage to repair your mechs at all. Kill 30 rats to get pelts, to make a toaster, to sell? Yeah no.


Yeah…that was the one thing I didn’t like about Fallout 3. The “crafting” system was a bit lame…for some things it kind of made sense, like making batteries for your laser weapons, but for others like the homemade grenades, not so much. Folks have been making Molotov Cocktails since…well Molotov was around. Why not be able to make those easier.

I am totally onboard with the “when crafting becomes work, it isn’t fun” theorem. I would also add “When crafting doesn’t make sense, it also isn’t fun”