I just did a thing…

Theo other interesting solution seems to be to undervolt or reduce the power limit in the bios


I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try de-lidding my cpu … that has disaster spelt all over it for me :scream:

It was surprisingly easy…

(My delid starts close to the end of the thread)

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I am following this thread as I feel my HW will need some sort of upgrade soon. Sort of… like a complete replacement :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I find it crazy to buy the top of the line CPU and having it either to undervolt (i.e. degrade performance) or delid (e.i. invalidate warranty, if I am right?).


Well, if you want to use these power hungry CPU’s at max capacity, they need a lot of cooling…
We’re just pointing out ways around that.


What do your fan settings look like in your BIOS or other settings app?

You might consider a more aggressive curve, to help stay ahead of the temp rise.


I would first try to just lower the power limit by 100W, these CPUs are basically overclocked to ridiculous levels by default. Reducing the power will decrease noise without significant performance degradation, especially in games

Thanks @Freak, so that is something I would adjust in the BIOS settings right? Sorry, I’m no longer the computer savvy person I was 20 years ago.


Yes I think so. Although the BIOS interface (technically UEFI) might not be clear about the value it is set to currently (“motherboard”, “auto” or some other vague term could be used).

Maybe just set it to 250 or 300 W for starters and see how it behaves?

After picking through the BIOS settings, I haven’t been able to find anywhere to select the wattage. It’s probably just staring me in the face though, so I will keep looking.

One thing I have learned is that my temperature issues only occur when I am using VR. In pancake mode the highest temps I see are in the mid 70’s (C) with MSFS and DCS. MSFS is the worst in this regard. DCS does a little better.

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Found this:

Tweaker → Turbo Power Limits ‘enabled’
Then enter wattages in Power Limit 1 and Power Limit 2.

Power Limit 1 is like TDP, for constant load.
Power Limit 2 can be set higher, and is how high the CPU can boost for shorter periods (up to 56 seconds).

I would lower the values until performance degrades noticeably, then bump it back up a bit. Professional reviewers could not measure any difference in gaming performance even when limiting to just 80W, though they did not use VR so YMMV. Maybe start at 120 W PL1 / 200W PL2 ?

Might be worth using Google Translate on this whole article and having a read:


Awesome, thanks @Freak, much appreciated . I will try that out later today.

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I found those settings, thanks again @Freak! I haven’t completely dialed it in yet but I will continue to tweak the power settings today. So far I am seeing an overall improvement in temps, but still the occasional spike up to the 100ºC point where the CPU throttles back momentarily.

I contacted the manufacturer and they think it could be the cooler not performing as well as it should. They said I can send the whole thing back for a refund or replacement, or, alternatively they can send me a replacement CPU cooler. I think I will take that option as I have the PC set up now and everything else seems to be working well.

I got my new 43” 4K TV yesterday. I was blown away by the clarity, sharpness and color compared to the old (2008) 1080p TV I had been using previously.


just sold my old monitor/tv with the same parameters few days ago.

it served me well, at 4k it was nice and crisp, but my hw isnt that powerfull to feed it at good fps so I did switch between 1k/2k/4k constantly based on the game.

I guess you wont have the same problem :sunglasses:

I just did the same thing and pulled the trigger on a 4070ti Super as well- expected delivery Friday, so I can get a couple of days of Phantom practice in. The 1070 has had a great run, and it’ll go into a new home server, or stay saved for a computer build for the kids in a couple of years.


its a damn good card for the price :grinning:


This is the thread where we pull our triggers at insanely overpriced items for our hobby, yeh?

I just put in a reservation for a Pimax Crystal Super :smiley:


NICE :grinning:

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Eddie Murphy What GIF by Laff

The specs look nothing short of impressive (as does the price)!

Hope you’ll give us comprehensive review once the monster arrives :vr:


I will, but it’ll be a while, probably late summer or even later.

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