I Lost my DCS "Esc" Menu

Christ I am so inept! I was trying to set up the MiG-15 so that I could play 1v1 with a buddy. Before I could correct my error I hit the “erase all” controls button. Now all controls for all planes are gone. Well you know what I mean. Yes they are in the Saved Games folder but they all must be reassigned. It’s not the biggest job in the world. The one very essential control is missing. Normally when I am in 3d I can hit Esc and a menu pops up that lets me get the briefing, set up controls, quit the mission, manage a few options like sound and so on. I have no idea what that option is called and have no idea how it is normally mapped. For me, it was “Esc”. But “Esc” does nothing and there is no functionality that I can see in controls that mirrors what I want to do. Come on Mudspike! I have complete faith that you can rescue me from myself!

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Its called ‘End mission’ in F86 controls, but saw also ‘Exit mission’

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That’s the one! Thanks! But why is it per airplane? Now I must map it 25 times in the main menu. And that “delete all controls” button MUST go! It is way to close to the erase column function. Serenity now…

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Didn’t @chipwich have an experimental tool that helped with that?

I’ve not had the chance to play with it, but it looked interesting for this sort of situation.


Unfortunately there is no app for stupid.

It’s when I forget I’m stupid is when the trouble starts, so you’re doing better than me today. :slight_smile:

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It’s finally ready for prime time. Time permitting, I plan to do a quick start guide for Joystick Profiler. Once you create your master profile, you can push it to all of your modules in about 3 seconds. Pretty amazing.

I’ve been on a MiG Alley binge lately. My profile works equally well with both Sabre and MiG.


Yeah, been there, done that. I posted about it a short while back (month or two? or maybe not, can’t find it now). Same situation; couldn’t ESCape and then didn’t know what the key command was called. This coincided with the A4 install.

Which, now that I mention it; something odd has occurred since that install - I get a “Banging” noise when I put the gear/flaps down in other aircraft. I noticed it after the A4 install and thought it was just how that Scooter sounded. But after hearing it on the F18/16, and an uninstall of the A4, still there. Repair doesn’t fix it. Anyway…

That has been my constant frustration in DCS. I am pretty damn sure that for the vast majority of their user base, whatever controller they set for pitch, roll, and rudder is going to be the same across every module.

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