I Put On My Robe And Wizard's Hat - Dice!

The chat conversation meanders like a herd of kittens in a field of catnip. During one of these lucid dreams, someone (I blame @komemiute by default) mentioned RPG’s and roleplaying paper games. This then led to adding a ‘dice’ macro here. It’s a bot that rolls dice. We’ve reached peak forum.

To use type in a chat or post the following text macro:

NOTE: To stop the dice rolling in this example post, I’ve replaced the square brackets [ ] with round parenthesize ( ). To use it for real please use inside those square brackets when typing :slight_smile:

(roll d6)

Rolls a six-sided dice.

(roll 2d20)

Rolls two twenty-sided dice.

You get the idea. If the macro inside the [square brackets] is spotted in the text then the ‘dicebot’ bot (ooooh!) takes ownership of the post (to stop editing) and then does the random rolling magic.

I thought about better ways to prevent people from cheating by editing their post, but then realized that if you want to cheat then it would be better to give you that tiny life improvement all things considered and that taking it away would be cruel.




2d6: 2 + 3 = 5

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your scientists are doing great things but…

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I propose rolling for posting initiative.


Blackjack example (ish) using two 11 sided dice:

Typed (but with square brackets not round in the real msg below this example):

  (roll 2d11) 

2d11: 8 + 7 = 15

15 isn’t too bad. Hit me!

d11: 1

Hmm, I can’t well stick on 16. Hit me!

d11: 9

Oops. Bust. House always wins in the end.

2d131: 32 + 45 = 77

[roll d6]

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d6: 5

Wouldn’t actually mind doing some RP in Dn’D but I think https://roll20.net is a better website for it

True, but their flight sim articles suck.


I’m curious for more bot ideas now, as in this was really just an excuse to fiddle around with something simple and see if it worked.

The input can be a post text within the mark-up we have, i.e. [command abc] where command can do things and look for parameters on abc. It could looks stuff up for the user and then replace the command with something else.

Maybe a dynamic campaign for DCS? :wink:

Since it is so overused but still funny I vote for a Topgun Meme Genenerator which will post memes anonymously.

[queue top gun theme]
[enter dangerzone]

Test-roll: d20: 1

Really? 1??

d20: 7

ok, that’s better. A bit.

Can i just roll around on the floor?