VEAO developments?

In other news, 30 days to process the refund has come and gone (plus a few more) still no money yet. That concerns me more than missing sub forums

So that pretty much undermines your statement, then.

You’ve spent zero time in SFM aircraft, but the only ones that exist are really old FC3 models that have been around since LOMAC in one way or another and a 3rd party plane almost universally described as disappointing. No big surprise you haven’t been flying them.

If the Hornet was released with an SFM and you refused to fly it and just waited for a better one before you touched it, THAT would be a weighty statement.

Also, you made a false correlation that an SFM must mean basic avionics and ease of use. There is zero reason for that to be true, past releases being that way does not mean future ones must be also. After all, the A-10A and F-15C have AFMs but still have their FC-level avionics, so the inverse could be true for other planes just as well.

Oh, and SF2 lacks MP and looks quite dated compared to DCS 1.5/2 now, so there’s every reason to want to fly DCS World without wanting to spend half your time working submodes in MFDs.

As proof, I have no time in SF2 for the last 2 years and probably almost 15 hours in DCS this year. I would have more, but I often can’t muster the energy to deal with all the systems after a long day and miserable commute. Too bad the FC3 planes are old hat and there are no newer ones. I spend 15 mins in the Viggen, MiG-21, or F-86 and just give up and go back to the Ka-50, 25T, and A-10C because they’re the only ones I know really well.

I find I spend more time flying ROF than DCS because I have an engine, a couple MGs, and maybe a couple of bombs and that’s all there is. If I don’t fly it for 4 months, there’s no relearning when I go back. I go that long in DCS and it’s a month-long slog to get decent in the A-10 again.

I guess that’s fair, I guess. From my perspective SF2 has the better variety of units, eras, maps, weapons, and if we’re being honest, it’s flight models feel better than DCS’s SFM. Why would I want to spend money on a DCS product that compromises the one area DCS outshines all other sims, when I can get the same thing cheaper and better in another sim?

I fly DCS because I love it’s feeling of flight, of feeling the aircraft’s responses change in each regime. I cherish the experience of desperately clinging to the edge of the envelope while desperately trying to get a shot off, of trying to coerce a bloated aircraft loaded with stores to the target or crippled by damage back to base. SF2 doesn’t do this. BMS doesn’t do this well, and I couldn’t give two flying flips about WWII ETO so I don’t know how IL2:BoX does it, nor do I care. I don’t fly the MiG-29s or the Su-33 because they offer nothing I want at a price I’m willing to pay. If someone were to sell me an aircraft with SFM, I’d laugh in their face. Hornet included.

I don’t like simplistic systems modelling, but I tolerate the existing examples because of their vestigial link to the past. For the record I primarily fly the F-15C, so it mustn’t bug me too much. That said going forward I don’t foresee purchasing any modules with SSM unless it had some other major draw, Hornet included.

Finally, I don’t know your life, but I empathize with not wanting to climb a mountain for your hobby after a long day at work. I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt and a broken Arma habit to prove it. That said DCS has air starts, hot ramp starts, and auto startup for those that just want to get stuck in. Of the aircraft you’ve listed as problematic, none of them would require more than five to ten button presses to get into a configuration where you could bomb/strafe/missile to your heart’s content. Expedient guides exist to aid in this very process.

All this to say, how will making aircraft less interesting to fly help fix your motivation block?

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