I think the image database is down or something

Can’t see any images.



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Yeah. I think that there is a problem with the AWS hosting side of the site.

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Could it be that we have filled the database or possibly reached our data cap, if we have one, for the month?


Ohhhhhhh nooooooooo. The f111 images…



EDIT: Me, the drama king, overreacting. :wink:

I clicked the thumbs up icon on your post to indicate support, not that I like the F-111 images going missing.

I really dislike the F-111 images going missing…


I sure hope that’s not the case. I would sure be sad.

Heck, I’m sad already. I miss seeing @Beachav8r around. I hope he’s okay; has anybody like, checked on him in the real world?


Last we heard he was crazy busy with work, but that’s been a good while. Hope he’s ok.

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Yes, he stays in contact via email.


Has anyone asked if chris is ok with everyone photographing him sunbathing on his deck on the christmas trek :rofl:

All joking aside. I miss his presence. I do hope life is treating him fairly


I miss him too. I fully expect him back as I suspect that he’s doing what I myself have done: walk away for sanity. (But his discipline and commitment in this matter are well beyond my imagining. )


Just think of how much money you guys would save if I took an extended LOA… :rofl: You probably wouldn’t let me come back! You are kind of stuck with me though. :sunglasses:

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Well, instead of hosting directly to the site, lets try a link from imageshack…

Hmmmmmm… it seems like it appears in my preview and even on the site, but then disappears after a split second.

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It works if I click on it (opens in a new window), but doesn’t show up inline in your post.

hey it works! I can see small preview image / icon of some country and small cloud above it … and after clicking it … some country side with cloud above it … :rofl: … only the black armband on the preview is weird :wink:

Somehow it only works for that pic, none of the others in the other threads…

Well, interestingly enough, it appears to me that the link has vanished entirely from my post.

If I open the post, the link is still there, but its now been altered, somehow.

Trying again.

Yup, vanished again. The forum seems to be actively altering picture posts.


The forum always modified picture links. This is to prevent Mudspike becoming like those old forums where instead of pictures, there is a bunch of 404 errors because some external image hosting service decided to clean up.

Instead, Mudspike automatically downloads any linked images and uploads them to its own image hosting service, then modifies the post to link to Mudspike’s own URL for the same image.

This is normally great as it means any displayed image depends only on Mudspike’s image hosting service. It also means there is no workaround when Mudspike’s own image hosting is acting weird.


So does anyone have access to the technical side of the forum other than @fearlessfrog and @BeachAV8R?

Essentially is the issue being actively worked on or are we drifting dead in the water?