I7 8700k, Is it time to let go?

Hi fellas,
This setup dates back to the spring of 2018! Its an i7 8700k on a Asus RoG Maximus X Hero. I think the museum is calling for it. I beleive my performance needs to be greatly enhanced. Im running a 3080ti and i believes the proc can no longer keep up.
Im thinking about pulling the trigger on an i9 12900KF. and a ASUS ROG Strix Z690-G. It requires DDR5 so its quite an upgrade. Im not an AMD guy.
What do you think? What do you run w a 3080/3090?

I jumped ship to the AMD side when I got my 3090 so can’t assist, sorry!

All I can say is that while I was committed to Intel in the past, I don’t think limiting one self to a camp is really justified anymore. They are both good and the transition is easy.


I am in the exact same situation. Now running 8700K @4.9Ghz with 3090. It would be interesting to know if 12900K would completely get rid of DCS AI/scripting induced stutters :thinking:

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Not convinced a CPU upgrade will greatly enhance anything these days…you might get a small enhancement but you will only really know after spending the time and money. Might be worth it as a 5 year refresh.

Most of the credible things I have read on DDR5 are don’t bother yet. Multiple cores are only useful if the game or OS really takes advantage of them…but currently a higher clock speed on a few cores seems to be the way still for flight sims…cant say for mainstream games because I don’t play them. With MSFS2020 your new bottleneck is the network end to end throughput speed.

As for me I will probably be running the next gen RTX on a i7 8086K for a while at least if I don’t take the cheaper route of just getting an entirely different system.


It definitely will be a pretty noticeable upgrade. The newest Intel and AMD offerings have significantly better single core performance than older processors even a 9900k can’t really compete with the newer AMD’s 5000 series CPUs and Intel’s 12000 series.

If you’re a 8000 series Intel you should notice a pretty nice improvement.

Early last year I went from an i7 6700k OC’d to 4.6GHz to an AMD R9 5900X and experienced a roughly 20% improvement on an RTX 2070 at 1440p (I am now in VR on a 3080TI). I imagine that a 3080TI or 3090 will suffer even more of a bottleneck than an RTX 2070.


I did a similar upgrade… from an I5 7600k to an AMD 5900x and from a 1070ti to a 3060ti … very noticeable improvement


I went from a 9700k to a 12700k. To be honest, it didn’t suddenly make everything WOW faster, but what it did do was pull the minimum performance up to where I hardly ever get slow downs anymore. Everything is faster if I bench it, but to the eye it’s not usually blatantly evident.

I had a GTX2070 when I did it and now I have a 3070. Again, the top end didn’t do much but the bottom end moved up. I don’t do VR, but I also never go below 60fps. I think I’m set for years easily now, at least until 2024 if not 2025 before I upgrade the next piece.

I will say for games/sims the 12900 is overkill and overpriced for what you’ll get out of it. Likewise DDR5 is a LOT more money for a difference you can bench but won’t notice in a game/sim. I endorse a 12700K (overclockable) and DDR4 for more bang/buck and you save the extra money for something else (like a big NVME SSD drive, I have 2 totaling 3TB :slight_smile: ).


I agree with JediMaster. CPU upgrades are usually about elimination of floor end problems, while not doing much for the ceiling.
GPU upgrades and more bandwidth usually raise the top end performance of pc’s with games.

Going from an 8th gen to a 12th gen will make things go much smoother (latency, load times, frametimes (equals framerate stability)) but not necessarily make things go faster (raw fps)


I’m at a i5 9600k and intend to upgrade this fall to one of those amd things with the monster l2 cache.

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I can’t add much to what the above say (all good stuff) except that beyond the C/GPU the storage medium is a big deal.

I have two boxes; an older one for ‘real’ work with a spinning disk and SSD and it’s not just the loading times that are significantly better but in sim there’s a difference due to how, I guess, it fetches stuff.

I first noticed this with the old box when installing the SSD. Is even more pronounced with the M.2 thingy in the new one.

Most here get this but for anybody new readers; you’d think that once loaded it wouldn’t matter, but again it’s constantly loading things when you’re flying.

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Depends on the sim. Older sims load it all in memory and you’re done, leaving the initial load screen as the only thing you worry about, but DCS, Il-2 BoX, and I’m 99% certain current MSFS stream it in as you fly around and unload where you’ve moved away from. That’s a necessity when one map is 50+ GB and almost no one has more than 32GB RAM.

This is also a major feature of the new Unreal Engine 5–a fast SSD streaming data in as you move around allows lower RAM requirements for higher detail.

Oh man am I tempted to upgrade:

So an i7 2600K at 4.5 over here and somehow it still seems to be handling most things just… fine? It feels like magic sometimes; I am nervous even making this post the spell will be broken.

This is with a 1070, running things 2d at 2560x1440. Besides keeping away from graphical settings that have more than 3 initials and occasionally changing a setting from ‘extreme’ to ‘high’ I haven’t had problems running much anything. (I’ve purposefully not bought MSFS since I’m sure that’d be the end of the road).

I’ve been having the itch to upgrade something the past couple of years, but at this point it’d probably have to a whole new cpu/board/card for me to feel like it’s worth it I imagine. I know once done I’d be blown away but right now, when things are still chugging along at ‘pretty good for an old machine!’ level it’s hard to commit to starting over.

By the way, does anyone here overclock anymore?

Yes, 3.7 running @ 4.9ghz

So here is my baseline:
Asus Max Hero X Z370
Intel i7 3.7ghz 8700K

Im looking at a Asus Z690 TUF
Intel i7 5.0ghz 12700KF
I can still use my 64GB of DDR4 I have :grinning:

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Sounds like a proper upgrade. If you can, hang fire for a month or two as the release of the 13x00 series make the 12x00’s price drop.


I run my 9700K at 5.1 Ghz (all cores) .

I know you are an intel guy but I’d at least wait for the new Ryzen 7000 reviews coming in next week. I’m very happy with my 5900X though.


I want one of those 7000 series chips, the one with the 3d cache thing.

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Excellent choice! I have a 5800X3D because I already had a Ryzen 5000 setup and it is great to get rid of those few times with really low framerates. It is very smooth now.

From what I have read so far, the 3D V-cache will not be present on the initial Ryzen 7000 line-up but will probably be added within a year after the initial launch.

So depending on how eager you are to upgrade soon and how much you like swapping out a CPU, you could choose to upgrade to 3D cache later or wait with the whole rig until that chip is available


I will wait a bit. Current rig aint half bad.