IL-2 1946

I have been doing some work with the stock Burma map using patch v4.12.2m. I only have a couple of Red Scramble missions done but I thought they might be a nice diversion for anyone who still might still be playing 1946. The files have been uploaded into this post. If the zip file does not create a Burma folder in your Quick folder then you will need to make one. The file path should look like this:
\Missions\Quick\Burma (23.0 KB)

Do you think I will ever finish the Burma QMB missions Discobot?
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I always liked a challenge Discobot!!

Burma is a beautiful map but the airfields definitely have issues…
I am still looking at the airfields one by one to see if there is a stock workaround/trick I can use so the QMB missions are playable by just about anyone.

One workaround I am already using is to remove a misplaced copse of trees on the secondary taxiway at the Palel Airfield in Grid B6, Map coordinates 16.2 x 54.4.

I placed a Stationary Object Train Stock Car 8 next to the hut and had the AAA on the field blow it up.
Outside of being black instead of white it reminds me of a Propane gas tank.

When the rail car blew up it took out the misplaced copse of trees and the hut just leaving some barely identifiable hulks that do not interfere with the AI aircraft using the taxiway.

Now I can get AI aircraft to park at 21 of the 22 stay points.

Even though there are some horrendous terrain issues with that secondary taxiway too.

I used the Me-323 for my testing because as far as I know it is the largest aircraft we have in the stock game and if the taxiways function with it then it should function with any aircraft.



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Been just over three years since the v4.14.1 patch was released by the Daidalos Team but that drought is finally over since the v4.15m patch was released today. :sunglasses:



Flew an old Pacific Fighters single mission, converted to Coop style play, with some SBD’s landing at Pearl during the attack on Dec 7. Definitely got some unwanted attention before I could set her down.

Lol, I forgot to mention that I fast taxied into one of the hangars to keep from getting killed by the Zeros that were bent on destroying me. The closest call was just as I entered the hangar. The bullets from the Zero practically followed me all the way into the hangar. After that close call they stuck around for about 15 minutes after I was inside the hangar strafing the hell out of it.



great shot Wheels, what an aircaft

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